Cleveland Clinic Financial Assistance

What is the Cleveland clinic financial assistance? Perhaps many of you are asking the same question. This financial assistance is available for people living in several selected areas. In other words, it’s one of the many geographical-based scholarships available within the United States. What are the requirements for this financial aid? How can you be eligible for the program? We are going to answer all of those questions in this post. Let’s start, shall we?

How to Be Eligible for the Cleveland Clinic Financial Assistance

The Cleveland Clinic financial assistance has several requirements. Checkout

  • First, you have to be a legitimate resident of Florida, Ohio, or Nevada.
  • You have to have a maximum income of 400% of the Federal Income Poverty Guidelines.
  • Needless to say, you have to provide proof of income. It is important to remember that the income mentioned here is more than just gross wages or salary. The accounted income is the overall income that your family receives. This may include unemployment compensation, alimony, pensions, child support, or other financial benefits.
  • The Cleveland Clinic will have you follow the Medicaid eligibility process through their vendors or representative. Therefore, you should comply with this procedure.
  • The Cleveland Clinic also consider family members as the potential financial assistance receiver, his/her spouse, and their children under the age of 18 who are living at home.

Note: There may be additional geographical requirements mentioned in the Cleveland Clinic financial assistance policy. For complete information, visit the Cleveland Clinic vendors or call them.


What we really love about this financial aid program is that it gives extra attention to uninsured patients. Almost all of the recipient have no insurance, so it would be a great help for them and their families.

Once you are eligible for Cleveland Clinic Financial Assistance, another important thing to note is to reapply every 90 days or prior to a procedure. Some people who are qualified get 100% coverage, while others only receive around 50% coverage. For those who got 50% coverage, you should prepare to cover the rest of the procedure cost.

The financial assistance is a really-really good program available for those living in Ohio, Florida or Nevada. If you are currently in a difficult condition, and you are in desperate need of help, you should not miss this chance.

We understand the situation. Any financial assistance or help would be a good thing. You can make sure that you and your family save some money and you stay healthy. You know what they say, a healthy body will allow you to work better too for the better future.

Bottom line is, don’t give up even when things look grim and grey. There are many people who care for one another, and we highly recommend you to apply for the Cleveland Clinic financial assistance program as soon as possible, because it is better to have a protection before anything bad happens, right?


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