Free Eye Exam

Just like any other parts in your body, your eye is essential for having a comfortable life. It should be treasured and looked after properly. Regular eye exam is a wise choice to ensure that you still have a good vision or you need a minor treatment. Is there any way to get free eye exam?

We understand that sometimes life is difficult, and it can make you barely able to pay for monthly cost and daily necessities. Worry not, because the United States government along with several foundations and organizations provide programs that can help people who need this kind of service. Needless to say, there are some requirements you have to met before you are deemed eligible for these benefits.

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Free Eye Exam Opportunities

We also encourage everyone who are in financial need to contact their state’s Department of Social Services or Department of Health and Human Services to learn more about additional opportunities that might not be listed in this post.

American Optometric Association’s Program

Administered by the American Optometric Association (AOA) Foundation, the InfantSEE program provides a free eyes exam for up to 1 year old babies. What’s great about this program is that it doesn’t discriminate anyone; babies from every family are eligible. It doesn’t really matter whether you are covered by health insurance or not, or the amount of salary you have. But of course, if you have a considerable income and is covered by insurance it would be a wise choice to let those who are uninsured to have the service. This program is made possible thanks to the volunteer work from the optometrists of the AOA. The purpose is simple, to raise awareness of better vision care for better infant wellness.

Meanwhile, the AOA Foundation also have program for eligible adult. Needless to say, the adult must come from a low income family and have no insurance. The program name is VISION USA, which information can be found by calling to their number at 1-800-766-4466.

Medicaid and CHIP

Medicaid is an excellent program provided by the state and federal government and is administered by the state government. The Medicaid covers a wide range of health care services, which are available for US citizens from, but not limited to, low-income families.

Since the federal government allows the state government to handle the program, there are some differences found in every state, especially in the coverage benefits made available for their citizen. While adults may have different coverage (meaning that some states might only offer low cost eye exam or even do not include free eye exam), eligible children have better coverage since it is regulated by the federal law. These children will receive preventive care, screening, dental care and other health care services, including vision care (eye exam).

Another program that offers similar service is the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The only difference is that this program is aimed for children from families that are not eligible for the Medicaid program, but their earning is still too small to purchase insurance. Just like Medicaid, the CHIP is based on the family income and the number of member of the family.

The CHIP is also administered by the state government; hence the benefits received by the children vary a lot. However, some states may include free eye exam for these children. We encourage you to visit the CHIP and Medicaid program to see if your child is eligible for the vision care benefit from these programs.

EyeCare America Free Eye Exam for Seniors

This program is available for eligible seniors, as one of the public service program from the Foundation of the American Academy of Opthalmology. Besides no cost eye exam, the program also gives eligible seniors other benefits, including free health care for the disease that is diagnosed during the first examination. This additional benefit lasts for up to one year.

The program is made possible by the volunteer work of FAAO’s ophtamologist, and the eye exam is available for low income patients with no insurance. Contact the EyeCare America website for more information about the program and its requirements.

Other notable programs that may be able to provide free or low cost eye exam are from Commission for the Blind, Local Lions Clubs, OneSight Program, and Sight for Students.