Automotive Scholarships and Grants

Before we talk about automotive scholarships and grants, we want to remind you that specialized schools like automotive school are expensive. In fact, the tuition fees in any school in United States can really put massive financial burdens for the students. However, there are some ways to reduce the cost of education, and the most popular solutions are grants and scholarships.

Grants and scholarships come from various sources, including the government, industry associations, private businesses and nonprofit organizations. Below are some of the sources that may offer grants and scholarships for automotive schools:

List of Automotive Scholarships and Grants Provider

The first and obvious source of grant would be the Federal Pell Grant. The grant is available for student coming from low-income families. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA is used to determine the eligibility of a student for the grant. Submit yours as soon as possible, because the Pell grant has a crucial importance that can help you reduce the tuition fees. It is important to know that the Pell Grant awardees are often eligible for other grants from the government and have higher chance in receiving scholarships and grants from other sources.


College Scholarships and Grants for Automotive

There are several annual automotive scholarships administered by the Automotive Hall of Fame ( As expected, the scholarship is aimed for but not limited to full-time students who have financial need. To qualify, the students have to enroll in an accredited college and have a minimum of 3.0 GPA. The scholarships are available for freshmen and upper-level undergraduate students at an automotive school. You also need to provide two letters of recommendation.

Meanwhile, there’s another automotive association that provide scholarships and grants called the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers ( Through their local affiliates, the association distributes $1,000 scholarships for many students in various states. For example, there are 16 students in MI area who received the scholarships last year. However, since the funding source is based mainly on fundraising effort and partnerships, the number of grant or scholarship awards given each year is not fixed.

Car related companies are also some of the best sources for automotive scholarships and grants. Some of the most popular options are:

AutoZone provides 15 scholarships worth $2,500 every year. However, the applicant must have a relation to the company. Dependents of Autozone’s employee may be eligible, or employees who are graduating high school seniors. Since there are only 15 spots available, the company will assess the quality of the applicants by looking into their leadership qualities, extracurricular school activities, achievements or community services. Similar program is available from CARQUEST.

The Universal Technical Institutes Foundation (UTI Foundation – is also a great source for grants and scholarships in the automotive and other industry disciplines. There are various scholarships available, such as Advanced Training Scholarship, Bridgestone/Firestone Technical Scholarship, William Burke Student Support Fund, and dozens other financial aid options from UTI and their partners.

If you’re a woman looking for the automotive scholarships and grants, there are scholarship opportunities available from the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation (AWA – The scholarship award amount is $2,500 and that can be used for various university fees.

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