Grants for Yoga Teacher Training

Grants for Yoga Teacher Training – Getting financial aid for yoga teacher training is actually possible, even though many of the students think that there is no such thing. As you know, yoga is gaining more and more popularity because it is a healthy exercise and it can also improve the mood and release some stress.

This popularity encourages many people to start seriously considering yoga teaching as their career. Although Yoga teacher training is not as expensive as regular higher education in the United States, the cost of this training can really put some strain on your financial condition. Therefore, it is wise to seek some kind of financial assistance that can help you to become a yoga teacher through training.


Now we believe that the first thing you should do is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may be wondering why you should do that. Many people think that federal grants are only available for undergraduate or graduate students, but students of vocational schools are also eligible for this grant.

This FAFSA application is eligible for students in an accredited school in the United States, so it is important that you choose a school that has been accredited. The FAFSA will be used to determine one’s eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant, the most popular educational grant in the United States. The amount that the student receives varies depending on various things, but the maximum amount of money that can be retrieved from the Pell Grant is currently somewhere around $5,600 (the number changes over the years).

The Pell grant is a great way to help cover the cost of training, even though it may not be sufficient to cover all of the cost. In addition to that, students who receive the Pell Grant will also be eligible for other federal grants such as the FSEOG grant, etc. It is also common knowledge that most of the scholarships and grant providers prefer to give financial assistance for Pell Grant awardees.

Some Options of Grants for Yoga Teacher Training

There are other grants besides the government grants available for this matter. Below are some of your options:

Yoga for Youth

If you are interested to teach Yoga to youngsters, Satya Foundation ( provides grants that can help you with your educational cost. First, you need to write a proposal about the program, and then the foundation will help you to establish it.

Yoga and Diversity

Members of Kripalu foundation can apply for grants that can allow Yoga teachers to teach minority populations about Yoga. The foundation hopes that it can help aspiring yoga teachers who care about the community.

Yoga in Schools

If you’re planning to provide Yoga classes for disadvantaged schools, the Yoga in Schools program may be your solution. Provided by the Rachel Greene Memorial Fund, there are grants for yoga teachers to help them make the program a reality.

There you go. I hope this post can provide some answers you are looking for. Becoming a Yoga teacher can be a rewarding career because you help people to ease their minds while making their body fit. Share some comments about scholarships and grants for yoga teacher training below!


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