Where to Find Women in Engineering Scholarships

Women in engineering scholarships opportunities are available through various sources. The time has changed, and these days we get to see many women are pursuing their passion through college education in various majors, including engineering. A few decades ago everybody thinks that engineering is a boy-exclusive major, but today there are more and more women enrolled in these study fields.

The engineering degree is arguably one of the most difficult degrees to obtain in the United States. Unless you are a born-genius, you have to invest a lot of time in your educational activities and course load. This condition makes it hard for an engineering student to have a job to earn some money for living. Therefore, there are many women-focused organizations which concern about this, and they have released several programs that may aid you to deal with your expensive study cost.


Women in Engineering Scholarships List

In order to help you with this matter, allow us to collect several sources of women in engineering scholarships opportunities in the United States:

AAUW scholarships

This $2,000 scholarship is provided by the American Association of University Women. The program aims for a female student in underrepresented fields, which include engineering. There are several eligibility requirements, which include the proof that you have a good academic score, at least three letters of recommendation, and show some leadership qualities.

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship – http://www.google.com/anitaborg/

This one goes to senior female students or graduate students who are pursuing computer engineering degree. If you qualify as the program’s finalist, you get $1,000. However, officially becoming the scholarship recipient will give you $10,000 and three days visit to Google that can broaden your network. I’ll say that the visit worth much more than the money.

Baker Hughes Scholarship Program

The scholarship program is specifically aimed towards female students who are majoring engineering sciences. Three $5,000 scholarships available each year, and the winners are selected by the Society of Women Engineers. Just like other scholarships, this one requires you to have a good academic score and leadership qualities.

National Society of Black Engineers Scholarship – http://www.nsbe.org/home.aspx

Black women can have benefited from the NSBE’s scholarship program. Ever since it was established decades ago, this organization always thrives to help black women who are pursuing a degree in engineering and science. If you are trying to get a scholarship, you may want to use a specific scholarship program like this. This one requires you to be a black person and a woman. These characteristics can remove many other candidates.

US Department of Homeland Security Scholarship

This opportunity is available for chemical engineering female students who have excellent academic standing. It’s a full-tuition scholarship, and you also get $1,000 living expenses coverage each month. Moreover, each summer you can do a paid internship too! There’s a catch, though. You have to agree to work in the Homeland security agency after you graduate.

There are still many other opportunities because there are many organizations that really care about the women empowerment in the United States. Just apply for these opportunities and I hope you can get the women in engineering scholarships to help you cover the tuition cost!

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