State Farm Roadside Assistance

State Farm Roadside Assistance – What if you can actually rely on your car insurance if your car suddenly broke down when you’re on the road, and you have no experience dealing with the car’s engine? The State Farm roadside emergency service is an excellent coverage provided by the State Farm car insurance. The assistance is included in the so-called Coverage H option. This offers several services related to the emergency during your trip.

Having access to roadside assistance can be a real lifesaver in those moments. Especially when you find yourself dealing with a flat tire, a car that won’t start, or a dead battery. The ability to reach out to a skilled professional who can either fix the issue on the spot or safely tow you and your vehicle to a secure location provides a sense of security. Whether you’re stuck in a parking lot at your workplace or stranded on the side of a bustling highway, roadside assistance can offer invaluable support.

Insurance providers like State Farm recognize the importance of this service. Also, they offer it as an optional add-on for their policyholders. With a history spanning over a century, State Farm stands as one of the United States’ largest insurance providers. Much like many other insurance companies, State Farm extends a 24-hour roadside assistance program to its auto policyholders. This will offer an additional layer of protection beyond the standard collision, liability, and other insurance coverage options.

As we’ve said earlier, facing an unexpected breakdown without any proper knowledge of the car’s engine might leave you (and your family, if you’re going on a trip together) to become stranded. Having the State Farm Coverage H can really add security and ensure that this will never happen to you.


What is State Farm Roadside Assistance?

State Farm’s roadside assistance program is to address the most common issues that motorists encounter. This program is useful, during their daily commutes or road trips. This comprehensive service includes towing in case of a breakdown, tire changes to assist with flats or damage to tires and rims, jump-starts for dead batteries, and the delivery of fuel or oil in the event of an empty tank or engine leak. Additionally, it offers locksmith services to help drivers who are locked out of their vehicles.

Notably, this program also covers up to one hour of on-scene repair work. They will send a mechanic or technician, primarily for addressing minor problems on the spot, based on the report.

However, it’s important to be aware of certain limitations associated with these services. While the program covers the cost of delivering fuel, oil, and tires, the customer is responsible for covering the actual cost of these items. Furthermore, locksmith services are limited to one hour of service before the customer becomes responsible for the specialist’s time. Finally, the towing service is subject to distance limitations, which may vary depending on the specific location of the customer.

State Farm Roadside Cost of Service

State Farm Roadside Assistance is an exclusive service available solely to individuals who hold an insurance policy with the company. The cost of this service can vary and is typically coming with the fees for other services from State Farm. Therefore, policyholders who wish to add Coverage H, which includes roadside assistance, should contact the company for a personalized quote. According to estimates from the insurance marketplace Smart Financial, the cost of State Farm’s roadside coverage typically falls within the range of $8 to $24 per year.

If you are a State Farm car insurance customer but do not currently have roadside assistance included in your policy, you have the potential to save money on services like towing and tire changes. State Farm emphasizes that it negotiates preferential rates with local service providers. This means that policyholders can tap into the company’s extensive assistance network and benefit from reduced service rates.

State Farm Roadside Assistance Coverage

The State Farm car insurance’s Coverage H offers more than just roadside assistance. Below is the complete list of what they are capable of doing in order to help you:

Please note that just like almost every insurance plan, there are some limitations to the coverage. Therefore, it is always wise to carefully read all of the terms and conditions in your car insurance policy. This will ensure that you  get what you need. Trust me, when it comes to insurance reading their policy is arguably one of the most important things to do.

State Farm’s roadside assistance offers a range of valuable services, including towing, fluid delivery, battery replacement, lockout assistance, and one hour of mechanical labor. These services are available exclusively to individuals with State Farm car insurance policies and apply specifically to the insured vehicle, not any other vehicle you may be driving or riding in during a breakdown.

Here’s a breakdown of the services covered:

  • Towing – State Farm covers the cost of towing your vehicle to the nearest repair facility, provided your vehicle is on a public road.
  • Fluid Delivery: If you run out of fuel or need oil for your engine, a service person can deliver it to you.
  • Battery Delivery: State Farm can provide a new battery if your current one is no longer functional, even after a jump-start. The cost of the battery is your responsibility.
  • Lockout Assistance: Coverage includes up to one hour of locksmith services to assist you in regaining access to your vehicle if you’ve lost your keys, had them stolen, or locked them inside.
  • One Hour of Mechanical Labor: This service can encompass various tasks, such as battery jump-starts, flat tire changes, battery replacements, addressing minor electrical issues, fixing fluid leaks, and dealing with transmission problems, among others.

Excluded Services on State Farm Roadside

It’s worth noting that State Farm’s roadside assistance does not include trip interruption coverage, which would reimburse you for expenses like food and lodging if you experience a breakdown far from home. State Farm provides this kind of coverage separately on auto insurance.

Other insurance providers may offer additional perks with their roadside assistance programs, such as personal item coverage or tire repair. For example, Progressive provides towing services for electric vehicles to charging stations, and some auto clubs like AAA offer discounts on travel services or identity theft protection as part of their roadside assistance packages.

How to Access Roadside Assistance

Using State Farm Roadside Assistance is a straightforward process. You can request emergency roadside assistance through the State Farm mobile app or by visiting the provider’s website. Alternatively, you can call 1-877-627-5757 to request assistance. State Farm Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 throughout the United States and Canada, ensuring you can get help whenever and wherever you need it.

How to Check Roadside Assistance in State Farm Policy

To check if you have roadside assistance included in your State Farm policy, first you can check Your State Farm auto insurance card. It should indicate whether you have “Coverage H” endorsement on the back, signifying that you have roadside assistance coverage.

Alternatively, you can log in to your State Farm online account. There, you can review your policy details to confirm if you have roadside assistance coverage. Another option is to contact your local State Farm agent directly. They can provide information about your policy and whether you have roadside assistance coverage.

Even if you do not have roadside assistance coverage, you can still request assistance from State Farm. In this scenario, you would be responsible for covering the costs out of pocket. However, State Farm mentions that they negotiate rate discounts with roadside service providers, potentially making it more cost-effective to use their services compared to hiring a local company. So, even without coverage, State Farm can still help you get your vehicle started or towed to a repair shop efficiently.

The Pros and Cons of State Farm Insurance

Here are some pros and cons of State Farm Roadside Assistance:


  • Affordable – State Farm’s roadside coverage is relatively inexpensive, with annual quotes typically ranging from $8 to $24. However, prices can vary depending on factors such as your vehicle and location.
  • No Stated Annual Limit – State Farm does not specify an annual limit on the number of times you can request roadside service. This flexibility can be beneficial in emergencies. However, excessive claims might lead to the removal of roadside coverage from your policy.
  • Reduced Rates Without Roadside Coverage – Even if you don’t have roadside coverage in your policy, State Farm customers can still access discounted roadside services. These rates are often lower than regular market rates, resulting in potential cost savings.


  • Quote-Based – State Farm does not provide a standardized pricing structure online for roadside coverage. To get an accurate quote, you’ll need to contact a local State Farm agent. This can be less convenient than having immediate online pricing information.
  • Coverage Variation by Location – Your coverage can differ depending on your specific agent and location. For example, you may have different coverage distances in California compared to Florida. If you relocate, this variation may impact your coverage levels, potentially resulting in changes to your protection.

In conclusion, State Farm Roadside Assistance offers affordable coverage with flexible service call limits, making it an attractive option for policyholders in need of emergency assistance. The absence of a stated annual cap on service calls provides peace of mind during unforeseen breakdowns. Additionally, even without including roadside coverage in their policies, State Farm customers can benefit from reduced rates for roadside services.

However, some drawbacks include the quote-based pricing structure, which requires customers to contact a local agent for accurate quotes. Also, the variability of coverage based on location and agent, potentially impacting the level of protection when moving to a new area. Nonetheless, for those seeking budget-friendly and reliable roadside assistance, State Farm remains a viable choice.

Alternatives of State Farm Roadside Services

If you’re looking for alternatives to State Farm Roadside Assistance that offer more perks and services, here are some options to consider:

1. Better World Club

Better World Club is a carbon-neutral roadside assistance membership company available in all 50 states. The goal of this roadside assistance is for environmental sustainability. Their services include towing up to 100 miles, trip interruption coverage, and discounts on various travel services.

2. Allstate

Allstate offers a comprehensive roadside assistance program, providing two plan options. The higher-tier plan covers towing up to 100 miles, trip interruption coverage, and road hazard tire repair. Allstate is known for its wide range of insurance services.

3. Travelers

Travelers offers another solid option for comprehensive roadside assistance coverage. Their Premier Roadside Assistance® package includes towing up to 100 miles, trip interruption coverage, and even personal property coverage, which can be valuable in various situations.

These alternatives provide a variety of additional services and perks that might better suit your needs and preferences compared to State Farm’s basic roadside assistance coverage. Be sure to review the specific details and costs associated with each provider. This way will help you determine which one aligns best with your requirements.

What if I already have the State Farm car insurance without the Coverage H option enabled?

If that’s the case (or you just prefer not to include Coverage H in your insurance plan), then that’s okay too. The Coverage H is optional, so not all people must have them. What’s great is that the company claims that they still provide access to roadside services, although you still have to pay for them at a discounted rate. The price is usually lower than the price offered for the same typical services.

One last bit of advice, although the roadside assistance from State Farm is indeed useful, you need to make sure that you don’t already have similar coverage. Many membership-only car clubs offer such a service, and new and extended warranties may also have the same coverage. Make sure you check thoroughly because you don’t want to pay double for one service, right?

You can contact the State Farm car insurance agent or office in your local area. This way will help you find out more about this State Farm emergency roadside assistance program. We sincerely hope that this post help!


In summary, State Farm Roadside Assistance can be a convenient choice if you already have car insurance coverage with State Farm. You can easily upgrade your plan by contacting your State Farm agent. However, it’s important to note that other providers, such as Allstate and Travelers, offer a wider range of roadside service options. Those alternatives may better suit the needs of some drivers.

When considering your overall insurance coverage, it’s essential to remember that insurance rates can vary significantly from one company to another. These rates depend on factors such as your location, driving record, deductible, and more. To ensure you’re getting the best deal on both your car insurance and emergency road service, it’s advisable to compare multiple car insurance quotes. Also, evaluate the specific offerings and costs of each provider.

PS. For Muslims, please avoid interest rates from the insurance company!!