College Scholarships for Left Handed People 2015

Are there any scholarships for left handed people? It is true that in general most of the scholarships are given based on the merits or achievements of the student. That being said, there are some scholarships that are provided to support the minorities, which may include left handed people.

In general the scholarship provided for left handed people can be considered as unusual scholarships. Currently there is only one scholarship that specifically supports left handed people, which comes from the Juanita College.

The scholarship’s name is Fredrick and Mary F Buckley program, available specifically for students who enroll in Juanita College. It doesn’t really matter what class you are in. Seniors, juniors and sophomores in Juanita College program can apply for the scholarship. You will have a chance to get between $1,000 and $1,500.

However, please do remember that the scholarship fund is limited and you also need good academic record to support it. The final selection will be based on academic record. You can then use the money to pay for tuition fee. For more information about this scholarship details such as the timeframe and deadline, along with other factors that may influence your chance in getting the scholarship can be seen in the official site of Juanita College (


Left Handed Scholarships for College Students

College Scholarships for Left Handed People Options

As we have said earlier, there are no other scholarship opportunities that are given specifically for left handed students. If you’re thinking about getting as scholarship or grant from the government, you may want to visit the Federal Student Aid website. There’s a special section in there where you can find useful information if you’re looking for a scholarship.

Basically the government is telling you to start your search by contacting your Financial Aid Office of the university or college you plan to enroll. If you are a senior high school student, you can seek information for available opportunities from your school’s TRIO counselor. The further step would be asking for information from the state grant agency or other federal agencies office in your area. Make sure to ask the agencies that are related to your future plan. Don’t forget to ask about the deadline and make sure to submit the application two weeks before the deadline end. This time you will have the time if there’s something missing from your scholarship application.

You may have a better chance on getting scholarships if you are descendants from colored race in United States, because there are various non-profit organization that support these underrepresented students in their education. Other provides scholarships which is region or gender-based.

Obtaining a degree is getting more and more expensive these days. Therefore you have to be as creative as you can when you are looking for scholarships and grants. Don’t stop looking even after you have applied to the popular grants and scholarships program in the United States. Remember, the more specific the grant, the higher the chance of getting it. This way you can reduce the financial burden of your college education. For more information on other unusual scholarship opportunities, please refer to our reference section.

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