Coca Cola Scholars Program

The Coca Cola scholars program is one of the most sought after scholarships in United States. As the name suggests, this program is sponsored by one of the biggest company in United States, the Coca Cola company. This scholarship program has helped more than 4,250 students across the country, and they have spent more than $38 million to help these students in their pursuit of college degree.

Quick Fact: It was all started back in 1986 by the Coca-Cola Bottlers and the Coca-Cola Company’s effort. Back then, the program was initiated to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary!


Coca Cola Scholars Program Award Amount

Currently the yearly fund allocation for the scholarship program is at $3 million, and there would be around 150 awards is available annually. Award winners can receive up to $20,000, which can be used to cover the tuition of an accredited university or college. The company also allows the award to be used for other expenses related to your education, including housing, textbooks, computer, etc.

I think it’s obvious that the Coca Cola scholars program is a highly competitive program. Some students are quite surprised with the detailed information required for the program; however; you can consider this as your template for applying other scholarships or grants!

Remember, this program is purely intended for educational purposes. Therefore, it is a merit-based scholarship, which means that the company doesn’t discriminate students who don’t drink coke. Some of the requirements for this program are:

  1. You must be a U.S. citizen or legalized and eligible Non-U.S. citizen
  2. You must be a high school senior
  3. You must NOT be children or grandchildren of the Coca Cola employees
  4. Have a minimum GPA score of 3.00
  5. You are planning to pursue a degree in accredited U.S. college or University

So as you can see, there’s no financial restriction mentioned. However, students who are eligible for Federal Pell grant may be preferred under certain circumstances. But then again, your chance is quite good as long as you can show through your application that you have good merits and achievements worthy for the scholarship.

Some of the information that you need to provide in the Coca cola scholars program online scholarship application form are:

Biographical information, which include the confirmation that you are going to graduate this academic year, the citizenship status, school code, and additional optional yet useful information like your ethnicity, disability, or family income.

School Activities, including your your positions in common school activities. Make sure to clearly mention the years you were in such position. If you received honors from your school, or perhaps you have special skills and talents you should also mention them in this application.

Community Activities, which include the volunteer service you’ve performed in school or other community organization. Remember to distinguish in which year you did the services.

Last but not least, the Academic Information. Make sure to list at least two completed grades in each core area. If you attended any educational courses, you should also enlist them. The best way to do this is to consult your school counselor.

So, are you interested in Coca cola scholars program?