Top 20 Reputable Charities to Donate to

Where do you think your donation can make a difference in the world? How can you find out about reputable charities to donate to?

Well, there are many leading non-profit organizations, from wildlife protection to humanitarian aid to those focused on climate change. They all have their purpose and role.

While every not-for-profit organization has a good purpose in running its program, sometimes there are several things to consider before we donate aid. This time we will help you to find reputable charities to donate to.


The Good Signs of Reputable Charities to Donate to

To provide effective aid, sometimes we want to assist as quickly as possible to a charity. However, if you donate to any organization, there is a chance that your money will not reach the goals we expect. It’s not that they are fraudsters, however, some organizations work so ineffectively that a lot of donated funds go to administration rather than to charity.

So, if you want your hard-earned money to go into an organization with a big impact, you need to take the extra step of making choices. Don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes to do it.

To seek reputable charities to donate to, you can look for several criteria. For example, it is honest, transparent, efficient, and having a positive track record. So, here are some criteria you can remember to find reputable charities to donate to.

Give to Established Organizations

Reputable charities to donate to have time to prove themselves as well as their effective performance. They have a long-term commitment to their goals. Reputable charities work diligently to fight for and help people in need.

In addition to having a clear long-term commitment, they have also been recognized by the public. These charities are well known in the industry in which they operate and run their programs.

Find Out What They Do

You will know that all the charitable organizations you meet have a good mission and aim to help and change people’s lives. However, not many of them are focused on that goal.

If you intend to donate, find out in advance if they have an active and specific program, and make sure that they can demonstrate their work to solve the problem they are working on.

See Their Impact

Demonstrating the impact they are making is one of the hallmarks of a good charity. Additionally, reputable charities to donate to have statistics and data to support their work.

The impact they make is verifiable and their data back it up. With the data they have, they share it willingly and with pride. Therefore, you need to look for evidence from direct testimony or look at their annual reports.

Check Their Spending

There are other parts of the program that are necessary for the running of the organization. It is undeniable that an organization needs people and resources to carry out its activities.

As a donor, you certainly want a lot of your donations to be channeled to help the community, right? So you need to check the details of the organization’s expenses. Another easier way is to visit a safe supervisory organization like the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. A good non-profit organization must spend at least 65% of donations for the benefit of the program.

Find Out If They’re Transparent

Transparency is not only about their finances, but it is also one of the important things of an organization. Also, find out if they are transparent about the people in the organization.

From the members, find out their number, background, and experience. You can find out about it from their website. On their website, they should be able to show how many employees they have and who their staff is.

As we said earlier that financial transparency is also important, a charity should also have publicly available financial and annual reports on its website.

Find Their Review of Reputable Charities to Donate to

If the reviews you read about the organization are from insiders, of course, they will say good things. Reputable charities to donate to usually already have an assessment from an external party.

Monitoring organizations from outside the organization are very important. These overseer organizations help us to provide the objective accountability we need.

It doesn’t always have to be highly ranked, especially if they are a new organization. But they should at least have gotten a good rating. Assessments from outside the organization indicate that the organization has proven itself to be trustworthy.

There are many charity supervisor sites that you can visit, one of which is Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is one of the trusted supervisors of charitable organizations. Additionally, they give ratings in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Top Reputable Charities to Donate To

Those are some things you can consider looking for reputable charities to donate to. Make sure that besides they have goals that match your personality and purpose, they must at least meet the requirements above.

For that, we also provide some recommendations for charities that you can donate to. Here is the list.

1. Global Health and Development Fund

The Global Health and Development Fund aims to most improve the health or economic condition of people globally.

2. Animal Welfare Fund

The Animal Welfare Fund aims to effectively improve the welfare of non-human animals.

3. Climate Change Fund

Climate Change Fund supports highly important, evidence-based solutions to the “triple challenges” of carbon emissions, air contamination, and energy shortage.

4. GiveDirectly

GiveDirectly’s mission is to help people in extreme poverty through cash transfers. Furthermore, they consider that people living in scarcity deserve the self-esteem of choosing the best way to advance their lives and cash gives them that option.

5. Against Malaria Foundation

They are working to prevent malaria in low-income countries. The three guidelines are proof of efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness.

6. Helen Keller International (VAS program)

HKI’s mission is to ensure that, like Helen, everyone has the opportunity to reach their true potential. Also, they work with low-income communities to provide medical services and remove barriers to welfare. HKI’s core values are rigor, honesty, courage, and compassion.

7. Faunalytics

Faunalytics’ mission is to provide animal rights activists. Therefore, tehy provide access to research, analysis, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness in reducing animal suffering.

8. Pets for the Elderly

Pets for the Elderly operates in 36 states and provides companionship in the form of pet ownership while saving animal lives in shelters that could be destroyed if not adopted. Besides, it is a charitable foundation helps pay for adoptions at participating shelters, including veterinary screenings and the cost of neutering.

9. Doctors Without Borders

Founded in 1990, Médecins Sans Frontières is an international humanitarian organization serving in more than 70 countries, they helped Ebola victims and refugees whose lives have been affected by violence, neglect, or disaster as a result of armed conflict, epidemics, and malnutrition.

10. Amnesty International, USA

Over the years, this popular organization has grown to 7 million members and has even won a Nobel Prize. Amnesty International works to expose and mobilize public opinion on issues such as gun violence and protecting the rights of refugees and migrants.

11. Charity: Water

Charity: Water is going to change the condition where people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water. Founded in 2006, 100% of the organization’s public donations go to local partners in developing countries, and to date, approximately 59,608 community-owned sustainable water projects are being built

12. Earthjustice

Earthjustice is the advocate for the planet. This non-profit organization has been involved in environmental movements since 1971 and works in a variety of ways, including protecting natural areas and wildlife, promoting clean energy, and combating climate change.

13. MAP International

MAP International is a Christian organization that provides essential medicines and medical supplies to people in need. In the event of a natural disaster, MAP provides immediate humanitarian aid and assistance to the homeless and people with no access to basic services. Founded in 1954, MAP International is one of the top 100 largest non-profit organizations in the United States, serving 10 million people each year in more than 100 countries. To date, they have provided more than $6 billion in pharmaceuticals and medical supplies worldwide.

14. Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Their mission is to make homes and public spaces a source of pride, power, and belonging, and a platform for sustainability and upward mobility for all.

15. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to promote mutual understanding, goodwill, and world peace. Rotary Foundation helps promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water and sanitation, support mothers and children, improve education, and strengthen local economies. Additionally, the Foundation is a global leader in the effort to eradicate polio through its partnership with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). Since 1988, Rotary and Rotary’s GPEI partners have immunized more than 3 billion children, reducing and eradicating polio by 99.9% in all but two countries. The Foundation also funds peacekeeper training through the Rotary Peace Centers program. More recently, Rotary Disaster Response Grants enable Rotary members to respond effectively to local recovery efforts, and COVID-19 was recently added as a qualifying event.

16. Matthew 25: Ministries

Matthew 25 Ministries (M25M) is an international humanitarian and disaster relief organization that helps the poorest people locally, nationally, and internationally, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. Besides, Matthew 25: Ministries provide necessities, technology development, and disaster relief in the United States and around the world. Even better, they have contributed more than £170 million to the United States and more than 60 countries worldwide.

17. Direct Relief

Direct relief assistance programs focused on urgent situation awareness and disaster response, disease anticipation, and treatment. Also, their programs are tailored to the specific circumstances and needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

18. CDC Foundation

The CDC Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization and created by Congress to mobilize charitable and private sector resources to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s health protection work.

19. Reputable Charities to Donate – Rainforest Trust

50 acres of rainforest are lost every minute despite their importance to endangered species and human communities. The fact that they are so vital to the planet’s well-being by helping to regulate the planet’s climate and filter the air. The Rainforest Trust is committed to protecting the rainforest through strategic procurement, focused on the most at-risk areas.

For more than 30 years, they have been working to achieve their goal of saving endangered tropical ecosystems and wildlife. In 2019, the organization protected 3.4 million acres of land through purchases.

20. Plan International USA

Its efforts focus on such things as children’s rights and equality for girls, strengthening health care systems, improving education, and providing fresh, clean water.


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