How to get UNT General Academic Scholarship

UNT General Academic Scholarship – As we may know, education cost keeps rising and this situation could ruin any people’s dream to pursue higher level of education. There are many people cancel their plan to pursue the higher level of education due to the cost. They cannot afford for tuition, or any cost that needs to be paid during their time in college. No wonder if many students try to find part-time job as part of solution to pay their education cost. While some students find part-time job as the solution for their education cost issue, there are students try to keep their dream to pursue higher level of education by applying for scholarship. Numerous scholarships are offered to students, and this is a good chance for them to acquire higher degree of education.

University of North Texas is ready to help students that want to pursue study by offering financial aids and scholarships. All the donors who support UNT have trusted the UNT scholarships and other kinds of financial aid program to Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFAS). Thus, all the UNT scholarships and other financial aid program administered.


UNT Scholarships

Requirements for UNT General Academic Scholarship Application

UNT scholarships give chance to students to continue study at University of North Texas. Some of them are arranged for freshman, while the others are meant for transferred students or to continue study at University of North Texas. Both of them set different of application rule. Here are preliminary requirements asked by the SFAS to fulfill by those who want to apply UNT scholarships:

  • As for the freshman, SFAS has set the rule that requires students to graduate in the top of quarter of their high school with minimum score 1100 SAT or 24 ACT.
  • In the meantime, SFAS asked the continuing students or transfer students to active in a UNT program, with at least a cumulative GPA of 3.25 at the end of the most recent fall term.

To those who have all those prerequisites above are eligible and encouraged to advance to the next step of application process. Visit to check the available General Academic Scholarship and for completing application online.

If you were interested to use this chance to continue your education at University of North Texas, you can follow the systematic guide shared below to apply for UNT scholarships.

How to Apply UNT Scholarships :

Once students figured out that they are eligible for this opportunity, they need to go through another extensive application process before they obtain the scholarship to enter UNT as college student. Follow the systematic guide below to complete the application process.

  1. First, the applicants have to make sure that they have received an assigned UNT ID number and activated the myUNT account
  2. Once done, you can continue your application process by using the already activated EUID and password. Visit for EUID and password
  3. In order to obtain General Academic Scholarship award, students must have been fully admitted and active in a UNT program. Students that active in UNT Dallas program should contact UNT Dallas to acquire information related to scholarship or any financial aids associated to UNT Dallas
  4. Prepare for all possible required documents, which may include email contact, essays, and other documents. Students must upload all of the required documents before the deadline
  5. Keep monitoring the myUNT account, just in case you get email notification about scholarship award from SFAS. Note: email notification sent to your UNT email address is sent from



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