Grants for Convicted Felons – Why it is Important and How it Transform Lives?

Grants for Convicted Felons. It has been rightly said, “To err is human”. All people commit mistakes, while some of these are minor and others lead to serious trouble for others. For that, they have already been convicted by the state of law and faced imprisonment. But, this does not mean that they should give hope to their dreams and stop expecting a changed life after.


Grants and Loans for Convicted Felons

Life may seem a bit bleaker than it does for others. The convicted felons may find it difficult to come back to a normal lifestyle after completing their imprisonment. We should give them a chance, motivate them and appreciate for being a good man to society. That is the basic reason why government grants for felons are available.

The federal government offers free grants and financial aid to the ex-prisoners for re-establishment of their normal living. There are special programs designed for convicted persons to help them start their business, they are as follows, Inmates to Entrepreneurs, Federal Education Loans and Business Grants,, SBA Microloans. The Federal Trade Commission, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, Small Business Development Centers, is a few government assistance for convicted felons.

If you are an ex-convict or have committed crimes in your past but looking for financial aid to continue education, then there are some financial grants and assistance to help you continue with the studies. They are – Free Application for Federal Student Aid, Get a Pell Grant, and look for a scholarship from Federal Student Aid website, Use GI bill, apply for a private loan, and so much more. For Muslim, please avoid loan with interest rate! RIBA!!

How Grants can help the Felons?

Government grants are the free financial help for an individual or an organization. When ex-convicts are liberated from the prison, they face an environment that is challenging and actively deters those becoming productive members of society. The government assistance for convicted felons is a boon for them. Let us help you understand how –

Improves Lifestyle and livelihood

Financial assistance such as loans for business or education is the best to aid provided to an ex-inmate. Actually, 70 percent of ex-offenders and offenders are calculated to be a high school dropout, according to studies. As a result of incarceration and involvement in the judicial system, they are viewed negatively and adducted from an educational institution. The Government Grants for felons like Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a scholarship from Federal Student Aid and Pell Grants. This helps them to continue their education and get a better job later on.

Similarly, people with a criminal background who completed imprisonment face hardship when returning to the normal lifestyle. They could not find a job and reject from companies due to past legal convictions. The race is also a factor for ex-offenders that restrict their job opportunities in the United States. Fortunately, the government grants and loans from non-profit organization help them settle their financial crisis and start a new business to begin a new life.

Get moral support and help

Studies have shown that prisoners who stayed a long time in prison, finds it difficult to establish a mental balance. They behave differently with the family and friends and find them less with self-esteem. The face a complete moral breakdown to do something new and lead a normal living. At that times, the federal assistance programs and rehabilitation centres make it easier for them to get back to normal life.  The experts work on motivating and boosting the morality, they work hard to make the ex-prisoner accept the lifestyle.

Several programs are run by federal and non-profit organizations to educate, train, and teach them. If you find an inmate with these circumstances, feel free to ask for expert consultation before.

Eliminates Grassroots Changes

Many non-government and government organization came in front to help ex-prisoners with recidivism. Programs like The Prison University Project helps with the grassroots changes, they help inmates to earn a college degree to pursue their career while incarcerated. This is because inmates who have already completed their studies before entering in the society are found to be safe from recidivism.

Similarly, a “ride home program” in California provides special services for ex-offenders. They employ ex-convicts in pick-up and drop facilities for the inmates on the day of their release so that they can get back home and also help them in easier transition in the lifestyle outside. A new startup,; makes it easier for inmates to communicate with their loved ones outside – which plays an important role in decreasing the chances of returning to prison.

Does it help in Transforming Lives?

Yes, of course! Grants from government and non-profit organization help a lot in modifying the mental and physical status of an ex-offender. Employment and education create a separate class of prospective employees those who look for growth and better opportunities.

Ex-felons find it grateful to earn a respectable living with hard work and dedication. Best of all, ex-felons having jobs in hand can make a considerable difference in transforming the families and fellow inmates. Overall, you will find a motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated person who looks at the brighter side of life. They can manage their expenses, run their family errands and make a happy living after.

Bottom Line

When you find it difficult to manage with the finances after completing your prison time, ask from experts to help with getting government grants for felons. The government grant is free assistance to get them back to normal lifestyle. You can find sources for government re-entry program to help with financial, mental and physical challenges. Collect all information about them from available resources on the internet, if you are one of them. Or, you can also assist inmates to learn about the common benefits and how to apply from them. Read the entire article to learn and understand better.

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