8 Creative Ways on How to Raise Money for a Mission Trip

How to raise money for a mission trip? Well, A mission trip is a trip made to address problems in areas that still need help, this activity is like volunteer activities abroad. If you are on a mission trip, the activities you might do are building a house, teaching English, doing community service at daycares or nursing homes and other activities that help local communities. Improving the quality of life in a community is at its core. This improvement can be done by improving the quality of education, health, infrastructure, environmental sustainability, etc.

In addition to helping others, taking a mission trip will give you an amazing experience and foster positive change. During the process, you may be forced to leave your comfort zone but you will also broaden your perspective to new things you will learn in other areas. In that new place, you will also learn about foreign cultures and meet people from all over the world.


Best Ways to Raise Money For A Mission Trip

A mission trip is mostly done in groups, this group has a common goal and theme to improve the quality of life of people in the area they are going to. Because the mission trip is carried out in some period of time to do a project, this event requires a large amount of funds.

This is where people usually start to feel hopeless, but turn your fear into a belief because basically other people want to help you get there. Then how to raise money for a mission trip? The answer is to be creative and provide sufficient time. Look for creative ideas to help you achieve your fundraising goals for your mission trip. Here are 8 creative ideas on how to raise money for a mission trip.

1. Creating a ‘pick a number’ board

Mission trip activities are mostly initiated in a group or community where they have regular meeting schedules. In this meeting, you can set up a ‘pick a number’ board to make donations in a more fun way, like a game.

So, on a large board, paste several different numbers, these numbers can then be chosen by supporters or donors to donate money according to the number they pick to donate to your mission trip. Apart from doing this at regular meetings of your community, you can also post this board at your school, religious community, or workplace. Also think about the amount of money (in the form of numbers on the board) according to the abilities of the people who will donate so they don’t feel burdened.

2. How To Raise Money for A Mission Trip By a fundraising website

A popular way to raise funds is to use crowdfunding, using it will make it easier for supporters or donors to make donations. On this website, you also find it easy to track donations data. Don’t forget to also use a fundraising thermometer so that supporters can see how far the fundraising is going. You need to remember that starting a fundraising website is just the beginning. People need to hear about your mission trip and you need to promote your donation page regularly and actively.

3. Raising Money for A Mission By Building a Blog

Stories can move people, especially if you have a passion for writing. Share your mission trip experience from the start, even start it from when you are getting the idea and preparing for your trip. Write a story about why and when you decided to join a mission trip, share your feelings and thoughts about it and also tell about the people you will help.

Creating a blog about your mission trip has the benefit of building a community, garnering support and building relationships with readers. In order for fundraising for your mission trip to be a success, don’t forget to include a donation link in every story you post because the purpose of building your blog is to get fundsfor your trip.

4. How To Raise Money For A Mission Trip – Restaurant Fundraising

People like to enjoy the experience of dining together at a restaurant, take this as an opportunity to raise funds. Together with your group, make plans to partner with a local restaurant and co-organize a fundraising event.

Profit is not only on your side but the restaurant also has the opportunity to grow profits for its business. You will get a portion of the profit from the sale, usually, around 15-20% of sales go to fundraising.

If you decide to go with this idea, you will need to give the restaurant an advance notice, so make sure you have enough time. Make a list of prospective days where many people are likely to attend, set a date at least one to two months before the event. Also discuss the date with the restaurant.

Again, promotion is a must. Promote your restaurant fundraising events using social media, short messages, flyers and contact the people closest to you. This event will run smoothly if you have large network of family, friends and acquaintances.

5. Doing a seasonal business

If you need money, the answer is work. Start a seasonal business that doesn’t need a long commitment, at least it can be done in a short time before you leave for your mission trip. Set aside some extra hours to do this. Think of all the abilities and resources you have, brainstorm ideas.

If you are good at academic skills, start a tutoring business, if you have a car, do a delivery service. What can you do with the skills and resources you have? List them out.

Since this business is basically a fundraising activity, use it to promote your seasonal business. Be responsible for the job people give you, work hard for the money you will earn. If people see your dedication in doing your job, they will be happy because they think hiring you is a good investment for your mission trip activities. Your dedication to your work will reflect how you will be responsible for completing projects helping people in need.

6. Do a garage sale while selling on ebay

Selling secondhand items? This seems like a good idea. Do a garage sale, but don’t make a garage sale with only your stuff, because you need a lot of funds for your project, also collect things that are not used by people around you that are still worth selling. Contact your family and friends who want to join the garage sale for your fundraising. Tell them about your mission.

From the personal items you own decide which ones you can let go of. Try to look for higher value items but set a reasonable price to maximize your fundraising event.

Organize and advertise your garage sale. Don’t just advertise it through posters in your local neighborhood, who knows if other people outside your neighborhood need it. Also advertise your sales on ebay or other e-commerce sites. If you place an ad on an ecommerce site, it will only take you about 20 minutes at most to set up your account. Don’t forget to promote, send the link of your store to your contact list.

7. Selling donuts on Sundays

You want to sell donuts but you can’t bake? There is a solution, you don’t need to make your own donuts. Invite a donut sales franchise in your area to work together for your fundraising, the taste of the donuts is definitely delicious and people already know the reputation of this donut business.

In working with a donut seller, you need to discuss the commission from the sale, from that commission, calculate how much money you need to achieve your fundraising goal. Set rational sales targets. After all the planning is done, promote your donut sale to your family, friends, classmates or coworkers.

8. Lawn movie night

Who doesn’t like watching movies together? Surely everyone likes it, right? Make this a business idea for your mission trip fundraising.

First of all, think about where you will be hosting this movie-watching event. If you have a large backyard, you can use it, but remember to ask your family members for permission. If you don’t have a place, find a close friend who will help you organize this event.

Once the place is ready, do some decorations to make it a more comfortable place to watch a movie. Also prepare some snacks and soft drinks. You can get extra funds from selling snacks and soft drinks. For the main fundraising points, you can decide to sell movie tickets or collect donations at the end of the event.

Those are some creative ideas on how to raise money for a mission trip. Fundraising doesn’t have to be boring, right? Be creative and have fun, don’t make your fundraising activity a negative start to your positive journey. Enjoy all the process and be responsible in carrying out your duties.