Kids Eat Free Springfield MO And 23 Ways To Get It

Kids eat free Springfield MO perhaps is what you look for when you run out of food and you need to get some fast. Whether you need food for your needs or you do it in a mission as a human. Still, there are many ways on how to get free food in Springfield, MO. You can try these ways.

1. My Kids Eat Free

They provide a list for up to 2,500 locations in 50 states. The goal is to let kids eat free. Your kids can get free meals.


The site offers a list of Freebie Websites. They can direct you to the special offers related to food. There is a lot of food to offer.

3. FreeMania

Try this to find free food from any grocery restaurants, stores, and others. In addition, they have free recipes. So, you can cook any free food you want. (


It provides access to free food samples. There is a great list of food restaurants and manufacturers. For example, there are Splenda, Betty Crocker, Quacker, and others. (

5. Crosslines Food Pantry

This is one of the available kids eat free Springfield MO options to take. The location is:

  • 1710 E Chestnut Expressway
  • Springfield, MO 65802
  • Contact at 417 869 0563

They offer food pantry from 9 am to 1.45 pm from Monday through Friday. You can even contact the Crosslines Food Pantry at their phone number above if you want to donate. Call them first so you know what things they accept as your donations.

6. Ozarks Food Harvest, Inc.


  • 2810 N. Cedarbrook Ave.
  • Springfield, MO 65801
  • Contact: (417) 865-3411

As one of the kids eat free Springfield MO assistances, their mission is to help the hungry in the Northern Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. It is a clearinghouse to donate food since 1983. It has distributed 4.7 million pounds of donated food in 2012, to hungry people through their network. They have helped 270 of hunger relief agencies.

7. Cross-Lines Council Of Churches Of The Ozarks

Their commitment is to provide support to any families under the crisis in Greene country. Asides of food, they also provide clothing vouchers and hygiene items. Also, they have referral service and management services. Their purpose is to complete the needs of hunger, especially for kids, seniors, and families. (

In 2017, they have served more than 71,000 people. They do regular food pantry and mobile food distributions.


You can visit the site since they provide you the complete list of all kids eat free Springfield MO they have found. They want to help you to get the compiled list when it comes to a food pantry in Springfield. Eventually, you can use their database to submit the new food pantries you know.

Those are all the best ways to get foods if you are using the Internet.

kids eat free springfield mo

Kids eat free Springfield MO – Other Ways To Get Free Food

If you cannot find any meaningful help with the ways of kids eat free Springfield MO above, don’t worry. In some periods, the options above cannot support you. For example, you cannot handle the long lines, the requirements, and other things that you are not eligible. If it is the reason, it is still possible to get free food. Here, we provide you with other powerful ways to get free food. What you should do is a little research and patience!

1. Head To Restaurants

Well, you can try this way even if you need kids eat free Springfield MO and you are not poor or low-income family. What you should do is to head to the restaurants at the closing time. Most of them cannot deal with their extra food once they have closed. Therefore, they will throw away all the food. Simply, ask nicely. Some staff members can help by giving the foods to you.

2. Free Events To Hunt

Go to the local concerts, small art shows that you can enter freely. These events commonly serve free food. It is a nice option if you live near an educational institution. For example, it can be a university. You can check their bulletin boards. Otherwise, try online event calendars to seek for free food. There are many public events available that serve foods.

At this point, you can go to a catered event. They are for a private group. They do not mind to give extra food if you are there near the end time. In addition, some religious events offer free food for their attendance.

3. Get Free Samples from Stores

Each day, some stores serve free samples of their new dish. It can be a coffee, snack, or others. Therefore, you can learn about the available stores in your area. Simply, make a regular visit. Even though this is not much, but it can help when you seek for kids eat free Springfield MO. We think it is better to go with larger stores. They don’t mind if you eat extra samples or even visit daily. On the other hands, the small stores can kick you if you don’t buy anything and you eat the samples.

4. New Stores

Are they any new grocery stores, restaurants or supermarkets in your area? Commonly, they serve giveaways to attract buyers. On an opening day, sometimes stores with no food to sell provide a catered event.

5. Food Dumpster

Few stores, restaurants, and bakeries have food dumpsters or it is also bread dumpsters. They want to pick up the clean meal. It is great to find sealed packages of food with a good day of the expiration date. Make sure that you take this option carefully. The discarded food should not hit the expiration date and no physical damage to your health.

6. Find Out Charity

Go to the local government building so the staff can tell you about the local sources t get free or affordable meals. It is possible to find some restaurants that offer you pay what you want like special meals for those who need. Eventually, there are soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food banks, and other community cupboards.

For example, one of the free restaurants across the U.S. is St. Vincent’s. Otherwise, you can go to the local churches. Other religious buildings can help you with the giveaways, too.

7. Work For Food

If you find hotels, you can ask them whether they have a meal or not. After that, you can work for a few hours to get some food.

8. Volunteer For Any Long-Term Programs

You can join Humanitarian aid organizations. Commonly, they need volunteers. They can feed and provide you with shelter if you don’t mind to spend a long time working abroad.

9. The Receipt Surveys

It is better not to ignore these surveys when you are quite staring. Mostly, these things are at the bottom of the restaurant receipts. You can score free food. What you should do is answer the questions about the meal and you will get free entrée, dessert, or appetizer.

10. Go To Church

Do you need kids eat free Springfield MO? Well, we recommend you to try to visit some churches.  They may provide free food during the week if they have an activity. Free donuts and coffee are great for breakfast.

11. Mystery Shopping

Would you mind to become a mystery shopper? You can try this and try out a restaurant in your town. They may provide you with a free meal. You need to pay for the meal up front but you have reimbursed the full cost and then get paid for any report on the restaurant you made. Nevertheless, you should be careful due to any scams.

12. Bartering

It sounds something odd but it creates a great comeback at this time. If you have knowledge and skills, you can trade them even to get a free meal.

13. Food Bank

Foodbank commonly is available in every town. Simply, dial 211 from the phone and ask them the nearest local food bank. This way allows you to go to multiple food banks to get extra food and you get the kids eat free Springfield MO.

14. Request Freebies

You can get free offers on the Internet. If you find a nice deal you like in a blog, you should check it regularly so you can find any information about the latest food freebies. You can find cereal, snack sample, or a granola bar for free.

15. Socialize

You can find church events, festivals, grand openings, meetings, and even receptions to get some free food. You only have to keep any updated information about the events with free food as their offer. After that, you just need to join the party.

Those are all things you should know about kids eat free Springfield MO. As you see, there are many ways available. There are still good people working for their great commitment to supporting the family in crisis. It is possible in our life to get a crisis that we cannot control it. So, if you have to struggle for food, we hope this list. We hope you have some ways to get food easily to continue your life.

We also wish you to get better and stand on your own feet as soon as possible. If you know a family in your area that needs help for food, please do not forget to use this source. Good luck and grab some free food now!

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