Consider a Few Things to Get Grants for Laptops for College Students

Students in the USA can acquire free laptops if they know where to look. Hence, we have mentioned a few things that can prove to be helpful!

Whether you’re a college student or a high school student, you’re probably aware of the benefits of having your PC, laptop, or tablet during examination time or just for research. Well, laptops are costly, and there is an excellent alternative for students who cannot afford a PC.

Many online institutions provide free laptops and iPads to students to assist them in taking courses. Since, throughout your academic years, you should have a gadget that helps in your studies; this option is nothing but simply the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, a laptop assures that your data is secure on your device rather than risking your security on a shared public PC.

Laptops are provided free of charge to students. Programs by various charitable organizations, institutes, and universities can assist low-income or needy ones in establishing a profession or obtaining the finest chance available with grants for laptops for college students. Free eBooks and study materials are also available to students who apply.

grants for laptops for college students

How Can College Students Get Free Laptops?

There are several ways by which students can get free laptops without paying a single penny. Below we have listed some of the best options that students can try out –


Scholarships for higher study are available across the United States. While most grants are for tuition, others allow students to use them to pay for necessities such as computers. Microsoft, for example, offers scholarship learning partners, which are designed to assist students in receiving laptops and other technology-related tools through an organization. Other choices include young children purchasing computers for high school and college students ages 17-22 as long as they are enrolled in school or foster care and have an attorney, social worker, or other court-authorized adults.


Entering competitions is another great way to get free gadgets. It’s simple to look for contests that award laptops as prizes. Some may request for a name and email address to enter a pool, while others may ask for an essay, creation, or creative concept to be considered. Even if a laptop isn’t the winner, many contests offer cash that can be used to purchase one.

Craigslist Laptops

If you are looking for grants for laptops for college students, then make sure to check for stores in the classified ads in newspapers or on the internet like Craigslist. Some people have old laptops they don’t use anymore and are prepared to give away. You might be interested in a trade if you are not up for a brand new one. So, keep an eye out for lists that have been posted around your college or campus, as other students may be looking for ways to support laptop purchases as well.


College students are reaching for their laptops and iPads more than ever in an age of increased reliance on digital technology. Laptops have become a fundamental component of their educational experience, regardless of whether they are in college or have earned a college credential. Many students connect with teachers and peers using email, take notes on word processing programs, and check grades and assignments using educational tools such as a whiteboard.

However, since these gadgets are too expensive, there are a few possibilities for people to get a low-cost or even free laptop. However, unlike other laptops, online college computers that are provided by grants for laptops for college students are pre-configured for each student’s curriculum. In addition, the laptop has Internet access so that you can get the most up-to-date course outlines, evaluations, and lecture materials.

Also, keep in mind that while most online institutions that offer free laptops allow students to keep them after graduation, some universities require them to be returned.

Is it possible for you to get a free laptop with the help of financial aid?

Yes, you can choose any financial support for students offered by universities or charities. However, because we have already discussed government grants and assistance for students seeking free laptops, students will not be allowed to use these resources for any other charges. Suppose a student is unable to obtain a free laptop through these programs. In that case, they may be able to get one through other means, such as student loans, low-income earner loans, or no-credit-check loans, which can be beneficial to students and single mothers returning to school or college.

The Bottom Line

You have more comprehensive control over everything that is included in your courses if you have your laptop or computer. Forget about dashing home, going to the library, or finding a PC with internet access to do your work on the internet. The above list of options can be incredibly helpful to get free or low-cost laptops.