6 Mobile Apps that can help with Free Groceries for Low-Income Families

A significant segment of the world’s population faces a lot of difficulties with food and grocery expenses. Food is not as cheap as it was a few centuries ago. People use to search for free groceries for low-income families. There are government and non-profit making organizations those who run programs for these. Some apps can help with free groceries and food. Let’s have a look at them.


Six mobile apps that can help you with food and grocery cost

Mobiles are one of the best sources of information gatherings. Around 70% of low-income families and individuals have a smartphone. It helps them to connect with the world of the internet. For that, here is a list of six mobile applications that can help low-income to access information.

Get to know where you can get free meals for your children. Which is the nearest grocery store that accepts food stamps? Find jobs that are suitable for you.

#1- FRESH BIT – (IOS/Android/English/Spanish/FREE)

People who struggle with food can get an electronic card from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. These are Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards or EBT.

The SNAP cards or EBT cards are easy to use. It can help in purchasing food and grocery products, like grains, seeds, and others. You need to know your balance after every purchase. It’s a little bit tricky.

Some states have an online access program to calculate the remaining balance. A person can call the 800 number. Here, you have to enter your 16-digit card number and pin to find out how much fund is left for the grocery.

The FRESH BIT application is designed to help grantees in many ways. It gives 42 million food stamp recipients an easy way to check their balances from their smartphones. SNAP members can easily view the balance from anywhere in the world. It can help in locating nearby stores, food pantries, and farmers’ market that accepts SNAP card. FRESH BIT can give a secure shopping and budgeting experience with the help of different tools.

#2 – RANGE – (IOS/Android/Windows Store/English/Spanish/FREE)

Summers may be good for many people around the world. It becomes a time for food problems for millions of youths. Students’ depending on free or reduced-price school meal programs, may face hardship in summers. The UN Department of Agriculture tries to cover the gap by providing a Summer Food Service Program.

The Summer Food Service Program offers free healthy meals and snacks. Children above or below 18 years can take benefit from it. The program selects a school, church, library, or community center for food distribution. The center may change from year to year. It becomes troublesome to find the SFSP center near you.

Range is the only application that can help you with free government food. It connects with the USDA database to find you the current SFSP location. It can help parents to locate the sites on the map, get directions, get a schedule, and do a lot more. The databases are always updated. The range can help you find the right and most updated information in hand.


#3 – ASPIRATION – (IOS/Android/English/FREE)

Many financial institutions charge a monthly service fee for the maintenance of debit or credit cards. Account holders need to maintain a minimum balance to keep the accounts functional. It may not raise any trouble for affluent or middle-class customers. Somehow people with lower financial backgrounds find it difficult.

Aspiration Summit Account helps low-income people. It requires no minimum monthly balance. People can use the ATM without paying any monthly fees. Accounts are available for any US citizen or permanent address resident with a Social Security Number and a permanent US address.

Aspiration Summit Account participates in donations and charity work. It provides funds for struggling Americans to start their business and build a better living.

#4 – EARN STARTER SAVINGS PROGRAM – (Online Only/English/Spanish/Chinese/Free)

Earning money from work is the primary importance for every person. They hardly give attention to saving money from the same. According to research done by Bankrate, nearly six in ten Americans don’t have savings to cover $1,000 of unplanned expenses. Low-income families and individuals find it challenging to manage additional costs.

EARN starts national non-profit leveraging technology to solve America’s saving crisis. This is an online program to reward, inform, and inspire millions of Americans who need help to save money. For those who have a bank account, they can set up a savings reward program. It will give you $10 each month. EARN users can get $60 as an incentive for opening a bank account, an excuse to save, and an incentive for completing the program.

#5 – FED 40 – (IOS/Android/English/Free)

Creating enjoyable meals at an affordable price is one of the most significant concerns for low-income families. The cost of groceries is growing rapidly. Finding the best deals for mealtime is a struggle for some families and individuals. FED40 is there to help with food and grocery buying issues. It changed the typical pantry model. It sends 40 free meal packs for the family who need emergency assistance in a time of crisis.

FED 40 is one of the best alternatives to free groceries for low-income families. It was first started by Dave Green, the CEO of the Feeding Children Everywhere program. The app is the food pantry of the future. It is designed to deal with hunger issues in the USA. Fed40 helps with job search aid, financial literacy, and getting the first ID.

#6 – FOOD KEEPER – (IOS/Android/English/Spanish/Portuguese/Free)

Food wastage is one of the most significant concerns for people. Every year, billions of pounds of food go to waste in the US. USDA estimates that 21% of the food goes uneaten by the consumer. Approximately 36 pounds of food is wasted in retail shops.

The USDA and Cornell University and the Food Marketing Institute designed the FOOD KEEPER application to avoid food-related problems. FOOD KEEPER will provide you with storage advice, a guide on storing methods, and the best way to deal with food wastage.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best sources for free food and free groceries near you. Check for the list of other options available. Know about government programs for free groceries for low-income families. Make sure you have food for your family in times of crisis.

PS: For Muslim, please avoid credit cards or loans with interest rates, it’s RIBA!!

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