5 Steps on How To Get A Building Donated To Your Non Profit

In this post, we are going to talk about how to get a building donated to your non profit. For an organization with a cause—a non-profit organization—it needs funding as much as other types of organization. Thus, we cannot deny that money is there and gets in the way of every event we hold. Running a one costs a lot of money, from the operational costs to rental costs. Well, not to mention that the price always increases each year.

Even, we can say that the cost of a building  takes up most of the funding of a non-profit organization.  This is something the owner of a non-profit organization needs to consider whether he needs to rent a place, buy a place or even look for building donations from donors. The goal is to make sure they get the most effective way of spending the money.


Ways on How To Get A Building Donated to Your Non-Profit

Well, getting a building to donate to a non-profit organization doesn’t sound easy, but it’s also not impossible, in fact it has happened a lot because some companies or individuals want to give back to the community.  All we need to do is to look for companies or individuals who share the same goals as your non-profit organization.

Well, in fact, building donors will also benefit from donating their buildings, such as reducing the taxes they need to pay or can also get the chance to name the building after theirs. For you who are thinking about how to get a building donated to your non profit, here are the 5 steps you can do to start finding the perfect fit of your organization need for a bigger space.

1. How to get a building donated to your non-profit, Gather Information

The first step you need to take to get a building donation is to know in advance the size of your organization and also all the records of the building that you rent, buy or own.  By knowing the data from the building(s) you are currently using, you will know how much you need to spend every month or every year.  This will also make it easier for you to explain the building expenses you need to cover in a period of time to your potential donors.

To gather the basic information, you need to write down what spaces you need to run for your non-profit organization. Moreover, you need to calculate the percentage growth of your organization each year. It also means how much area is needed for your organization’s growth. Remember what you are showing to donors is your organization have the need to grow. Also, it needs more space, so calculating the percentage of organizational growth is crucial.

Inside the information about your current space you are using, you need to collect data about the cost of repairing and maintaining the building and other related matters.  Show that you are someone who has a responsibility to maintain the building which they will donate to your non-profit.

2. Make a list

Once you know what kind of building(s) you need, start looking for buildings in your area, available for rent or sell and make sure that the building is in a commercial area –that will make it easier for your organization to carry out its activities.  Put all the buildings on a list and who to contact.

When you make the list, look for more information about the owner of the building. If they share the same vision as your organization and (perhaps) are willing to donate the building to your non-profit organization. In addition, don’t forget to include buildings for rent on your list. It is because there are some building owners who prefer to rent out their property for free to non-profit organizations. Here, they can also benefit from tax deductions from the government.

3. Make a letter about your request

To make it look professional, when you are going to meet a potential donor, write a letter asking for donations in the form of a building.  In the letter, explain what you need for your property based on the data you created earlier. Also, include what benefits will be obtained by the donor who will donate the building to your organization.

Since this is not something trivial, you need to consider a professional writer to write this request letter.  Also explain that after a building is donated, your organization will be responsible for the tax and insurance costs of the building. It means that you show your responsibility as the building operator.

As a benefit of donating the building to your organization, you can also offer donors some advertising opportunities at some of the events you host.  You can also offer the donors to name the building  after his name as a tribute.

4. How to get a building donated to your non-profit – Personal Meeting

Remember to always meet potential donors in person. This way helps you explain how to get a building donated to your non-profit organization works. Additionally, you need to invite them to come to your place and show them what you do with your organization. Hence, they can see the good things the organization is doing and how it can help the community. And they can also find out the benefits they can provide if they donate the building.

When we are looking for potential donors, don’t rule out the possibility that donors can be anyone even other than big companies.  There are various types of donations. Therefore, it’s a good idea to study them one by one. This way helps you adjust better according to the type of donor who wants to donate the building.

In addition to companies or individuals, there are also building donations made as inheritance. So, the transfer of the building belongs to the organization when the person has passed away.  It can also reduce taxes paid by people who still live in the building. Because, the non-profit organization owns the will to reduce the tax.

5. Show case your event and invite potential donnors

Every time you hold an event, and you invite many people, make sure you invite people who are on the list of potential donors. It is because, the more they know and meet you in your organization’s activities, the better it will be. Also, make sure they get a good treatment so that all your efforts are not in vain.

Bottom line

Indeed getting a building is not an easy thing and also cannot be done in a short time. Therefore, don’t put your hope that it can be achieved easily.  But you can do these five things to start your first step:

  • gather all information about your organization growth and its need for some new spaces
  • drive around to find places available for rent or for sell, which are the perfect fit your organization need
  • compile your need and your cause in letter that can move someone’s heart to donate a building
  • meet potential donors in person so they can know you and your organization better
  • give tours to potential donors in your events

As the person running the organization, you also need to have a back-up plan. So, while you’re looking for someone on how to a building donated to your non-profit organization, you still have the ability to keep things running within the organization. And when the time has come for you to get a building donated to your non-profit, they (donors) can see that your non-profit can handle things and survive for a long period of time.