Where Can You Get Free Hotel Vouchers for Veterans?

Free Hotel Vouchers for Veterans. If you notice, there are thousands of children, families, and veterans in the country who struggle to find a permanent place to live in the cities of America. Some children are sleeping in cars. Some families are staying in tents and have no place to call their homes. Many of them are sleeping under bridges or parking garages as they have no place to hide their head.

All homeless veterans need emergency housing. A program that provides a temporary place to stay would be an ideal one. Generally, utilizing a veteran learns how to get free hotel vouchers online for lodging at some public housing units. You can get helped from charitable trusts and organization who work to help the needy.

The Community Funded Hotel Program

According to a study conducted by the state of Michigan, sixty thousands of people are found homeless. The outgrowing number of homeless people given birth to it. Community Funded Hotel Program, a street-based outreach in Lansing, Michigan that collects fund from donors to run a free accommodation facility for veterans in need.  It is a 501c3 non-profit making, a fully-licensed organization that accepts a donation from all types of donors. All donations are tax-deductible and non-refundable.

About the Program

Community Funded Hotel Program offers temporary shelter facility through The Homeless Angles Hotel for all seeking a home. It provides a haven for people looking for how to get free hotel vouchers online on the internet. It is the only hotel program in the United States that allows the general public to donate and help the needy people.

Authorization and Purpose

Community Funded Hotel Program is authorized to Homeless Angels. A group or association working deliberately to restore and rebuild faith in humanity is Homeless Angles. It creates innovative programs and events to bring a change for people that are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


The Shelter – Community Funded Hotel Program

As mentioned already, this program provides shelter through The Homeless Angles Hotels. It is an authorized and licensed shelter for someone in need. A person can find a complete list of accommodations in the United States from the resource page of the website if they are unable to find an emergency shelter from the list available.

  • Get a Service Point ID from the Volunteers of America
  • Call the intake line of communication at 844-464-6635 for room availability. The Homeless Angles Hotels intake lines are open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. If something urgent rolls up after the working hour, leave a voicemail on the number. They will call you back in one working day.

List of Residential Resources –

  • VOA/New Hope Center – Get a homeless ID here. Ask about emergency housing facility.
  • City Rescue Mission – Can provide shelter for men, women, and children
  • Eve’s House – Can provide shelter for domestic abuse victims and their children
  • Hannah’s House – Provides shelter for pregnant women
  • Gateway/Crossroad Teen Shelter – Provides accommodation for teens, age 12 – 20 years
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Advent House
  • Siren House – Serves the homeless and victims of domestic violence
  • Homeless Angels

Benefits – Community Funded Hotel Program

For every homeless person, Homeless Angles Hotel Program provides free accommodation facilities with other benefits as well. It provides

  • A dry, warm bed to sleep –

    For every homeless person who has applied for a safe shelter for a few nights, the community provides a free warm bed to sleep comfortably. Beds are essential for kids. You cannot spend a night outside in the low-temperature area without a bed. CFH program provides a free bed for a few nights to veterans and others. You need to search for the hotel under Homeless Angles Hotels list only.

  • A place to take a shower –

    With every room under the Homeless Angels Hotel Program, the homeless veterans can take benefit of other facilities too. You can take a shower and freshen up yourself. Your family can use the facilities too.

  • Opportunities to get assistance from experts –

    In the Community Funded Hotel program, there are experts or call advocates who can help you in finding a new home. The government provides free home loans, rental houses, and shelters for homeless veterans. To claim any facility, you need to prove your eligibility. The experts can do onsite advocacy for you. You will have a safe place to stay.

  • Help you find a permanent place to call home –

    The federal government of the United States of America runs a few homeless shelter facilities. This includes some financial assistance for needy people. The community Funded Program can help you find a place which you can call home. No need to pay to stay on hotels or motels. No need to search for how to get free vouchers online. The community will find you the right place to hide your head.

  • Get new job opportunities that suit your qualification –

    After serving the country for years, getting a job in the corporate sector is difficult for ex-military personals. The Community Program helps them in finding new employment for veterans based on educational qualification and military credits. The experts will help you in every possible way. Have your own home and live and peacefully.

Some of the most common benefits of the Community Funded Program are mentioned here. You can understand how it can help you. Prove your eligibility for the temporary accommodation in The Homeless Angles Hotels and get benefitted.

Bottom Line

The Community Funded Program is not like any grant program for homeless people. It aims at bringing a change. Human has lost their faith in humanity. The program rebuilds and restores it by providing food, shelter, education, and other facilities for homeless and, inviting people who want to participate in the noble cause.  Almost every one of us runs into hard times. We need to tackle the situation with ease. If you cannot find shelter, know what the other options are. Finding free housing is not easy. Do not give up. Try hard, and you will find it!

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