IHC Financial Assistance

IHC Financial Assistance is available for people with financial hurdles that cannot afford to receive good treatment. The program is available locally, so if you live close to one of their clinics, then you might have a good chance of receiving the financial assistance.

First off, it is important to know that the financial assistance should be used for medical care and cost at the IHC hospitals, clinics or employed healthcare providers. The application process is simple, and it is mainly based on the income of the applicant. Note that although the IHC can still provide financial assistance for people with up to 500% above the poverty level, the biggest assistance is obviously given to people below the poverty line. In short, assistance level decreases if the person has a higher income.


In addition, if you are treated or planning to be treated at the Intermountain Health Care clinic, you will still be able to apply for the financial assistance, even after you have received your bill. The IHC accepts patients with Medicaid or Medicare, but even if the patient is uninsured they can still provide the assistance in the form of the automatic discount rate on the bill.

That being said, applicants will still have to co-pay for the treatment. The Intermountain highly advises all of the applicants do a little research about the resources available to them, (such as Medicaid or Medicare).  This sliding scale method can ensure that the organization can still help other people for years to come. You can seek financial help or grants from family, religious community or the government.

IHC Financial Assistance Application

The amount of financial assistance you will get from the Intermountain depends on your household income, the size of the household, and other personal circumstances. As we have mentioned earlier, in a typical case you will get a partial financial assistance, meaning that you will still have to pay a part of the total cost.

Applying for the IHC financial aid is pretty simple and straightforward. Just visit their website and then complete the Financial Assistance Application. You can submit it online or you can print and mail the necessary application form along with other important scans. Ten days after you have submitted your proposal, you should already be able to see how much of a financial assistance you will get.

If the income of a family is below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for UTAH, then the patient might be eligible for full assistance (with small copayment in every visit). Patients who are faced with a big medical cost in IHC (the cost exceeds 35% of the annual income) are also eligible for help.

For more information on this, please contact their phone numbers provided below:

Intermountain hospital: 705-9175

Intermountain clinic: 748-4248

They should be able to provide you with some insight on this matter. Alternatively, you can directly visit the clinic and ask about the financial assistance program there or you can visit the Financial Assistance Office at 4646 Lake Park Boulevard, Salt Lake City, UT 84130.