How To Get The Military Dependent Scholarships

Military Dependent Scholarships – The United States of America had been and also currently involved in some wars involving large numbers of military personnel. These military personnel are heroes to this country because they willingly sacrifice heath, money, time and also their lives for the sake of the glory and safety of the Nation. To appreciate their service there are many organizations offering help to support the military personnel and their family through scholarship and grant including the military dependent scholarships. There are various sources of grant and scholarship for military dependent family such as from government agency and also non-profit foundation. Each organization usually focuses on different issues and has different requirement for the military dependent families to be able to get it.

In order to make the process of getting the military dependent scholarship easier it is recommended for the applicant to know various scholarships available, identify the requirements and its intended receiver and apply accordingly. This will increase the chance of getting the scholarships as well avoid wasting your time and effort to apply for a scholarship due to failure to comply to the requirement.

Military Dependent Scholarships

In this article we will provide information of some popular military dependent scholarship with the hope that you can find apply for one of them. Here is the list:

  • State-sponsored scholarships

There are various grant and scholarships programs dedicated for military dependent families that are funded by State governments. The scholarship and grant program can be intended specifically to military dependents of Prisoner of War (POW), MIA veterans or injured veteran or also to dependents of active duty military members. For example the State of North Dakota offers waivers for school tuition to POW/MIA veterans’ families who are resident of the North Dakota. The name of the program is the North Dakota War Orphan Scholarship; the awarded applicant will be able to attend college or University in North Dakota without having to pay the tuition.

  • Military Foundation Scholarships

Other sources of scholarships for military dependent family are private and non-profit military organizations and foundations. For example the Defense Commissary Agency sponsored a program: the Scholarship for Military Children that over the last 10 years has awarded over $8.3 million dollars to U.S. military dependents. In the meantime there is also ThanksUSA organization with the objective to give appreciation to military personnel by awarding military dependent scholarships. These scholarships are available to dependents of all military branches and can be used to support their study at any school and any major.

Military Dependent Scholarships

  • Branch-Specific Scholarships

Beside the scholarship that are available for all branches of military there is also scholarship awarded for military branch. This kind of scholarship is usually sponsored by internal organization within the military branch. The example for this program is the scholarship awarded by the Air Force Sergeants Association and Airmen Memorial Foundation to children of former or active airmen.


  • School Scholarships

The last type of military dependent scholarships comes from the military and civilian school. Examples for this kind of scholarship are Park Military Family Scholarship from Park University and   the Widener Children of Active and Reserve Military Personnel Educational Scholarship from Widener College in Pennsylvania.



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