How to Get Free Government Laptops in Four Easy Steps?

Laptops have become an indispensable tool for today’s generation. In the past, students use textbooks for studies. Now, e-learning programs in the classroom have changed the entire scenario.

Students need to have laptops to access study materials in the classroom. Laptops help in managing task, accessing study material, and connect them to the outside world. It encourages them to grow fast at a global level.

Not every student can buy a new laptop. Students belonging from the poor financial background can take help from government grants and charitable trusts. The state and central government-run special programs for providing free laptops for students and low-income families. Anyone can apply for it. Submit a free government laptop application form to the concerned group. The concerned organization will provide free laptops or give you money to buy it.

If you do not know how to get free laptops, read the step-by-step guide. Understand the procedure, follow the steps and apply for your free laptop.

4 Easy Steps to Get Free Laptops for Low-Income Families and Students

#1 – Search for the Resources

It will be completely wrong to say that the government does not commit to helping needy students and low-income families. They have created many trusts and charitable organizations to provide free laptops and financial assistance to needy ones. Here is a list of them –

  • Smartriverside –

    A program run by the government to provide new or refurbished laptops for free. It’s a no-cost program. Families earning below $45,000 per year can get free refurbished computers, laptops and computers from SmartRiverSide. Every eligible candidate can take benefit of it.

  • EveryoneOn –

    A program created to help low-income families with low-cost laptops, computers, and tablets. Any family earning below $35,000 can apply for this program. EveryoneOn sells refurbished gadgets, offer technical training and affordable internet access to low-income families only.

  • Computer Technology Assistance Corps –

    An organization that provides a grant for a laptop for low-income families. CTAC provides grants for needy people. It works with other government programs and technology-related businesses too. Get technical assistance from experts at CTAC.

  • Computers With Causes –

    A non-profit organization that provides a free technological system, training, and more. It offers help for all American men and women who risk their lives for the nation. Computer with Causes charitable trust collects old and damaged electronic gadgets, laptops and computers from others. They repair them and donate to the school lab, foster home, shelter, library or community center in the USA.

  • org –

    A non-profitable website that lists free and used stuff from individuals to help people in need. It’s more like a recycling network that aims at helping others. If you want a free laptop, feel free to submit a free government laptop application form. The recycling forum can help you reach out to potential sellers.

  • The On It Foundation –

    A program which provides free laptop and computers in Florida for low-income families only. The On It Foundation also offers free technical training and free internet access to those who cannot afford it.

The above-mentioned are six best resources for finding free grants for free laptops in your area. Go through a comprehensive search, collect all details, and move to the application procedure. If you have any doubt or confusion, talk to any experts or experienced person.


#2 – Check the Eligibility Criteria

Not all grants are available to everyone. Some free laptop grants from government and non-profit organizations have specific criteria. Such as families belonging to a poor financial background or students who have no money to purchase laptops for studies can apply. All applicants need to prove their eligibility on the basis of financial condition, unavailability of resources, or any reason. Without the availability of abundant proofs and testimonials, no organization will allow submitting a free government laptop application form. Have a thorough study of all things essential for the application process.

#3 – Check for the Availability of Grants

Find the availability of grants near you. Not all government organizations are present at every location; some are specific to a region or international boundaries. Locate a non-profitable organization that accepts free government laptop application forms near you.  Select a refurbishing center to find laptops or computers for free or half of the original price. Having a laptop is a must for starting your school or college studies.

#4 – Apply for a Free Laptop

Now, that you know the three basic steps, check for an application form. Many non-profit organization accepts online or offline application form submission. There they may ask you to provide some personal details. Complete the form with your name, address, reason for application, and other details. Every detail is thoroughly cross-checked by a concerned staff member of the group. Sometimes the trusts and charitable organizations send a representative for personal verification. If any information does not match, the application gets rejected automatically. Read all the details. Get your laptop for free.

These are four easy steps to get a free laptop from a charitable trust or non-profitable organization. Apply for them after the complete information is in hand. Do some homework before about technology grants, as it will help to manage unforeseen situation. If you want to help someone in need, ask them to collect as much information as possible. Look for financial assistance for students and low-income families that may come in handy in managing other expenses. Read articles on related topics to find relevant sources. Helping others is always a good deed, never step back from helping yourself and others.

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