Government Grants for Student Loan Repayment

Government Grants for Student Loan Repayment – Getting a college degree requires a lot of commitment, including financial commitment. Some are lucky enough to be able to get full scholarships and grants that allow them to get their degree for a much affordable cost, but most of the students in United States have to take student loan in order to be able to cover the college expenses.

Now after you’ve gone out of college and gain that well-deserved degree, you may start to wonder how you will be able to repay all those debts. Searching for government assistance on student loan repayment may be your first step, but is it really available?

government grants for student loan repayment

Alternatives to Government Grants for Student Loan Repayment

The harsh truth is that most of government grants are provided to cover education for people from low-income families. We have yet to know about any other government grant that is awarded for a single individual for loan repayment, including student loan.

But that doesn’t mean that there is no other way to repay the debt. All you need is a little extra effort to find creative ways to reduce the debt amount and the will to do it. Below are some of the ideas you can try:

  1. Volunteer

Joining as a volunteer in various community volunteer program is a great start. However, please do remember that you have to find the programs that can help you get your student loan repayment. There are several national programs that offer such benefit, but you need to prepare for long-term commitment. In our opinion, becoming a volunteer in such program is a good idea if you are currently jobless (for example, you’re a fresh graduate or has just been laid off from work) and have to find a way to pay for the student loan repayment.

  1. Pursue a career in education

Students who have passion in teaching and are currently pursue a career in education field as a teacher might as well claim the benefit from teaching grants and loan-forgiveness programs. There are various programs available that can help teachers to cover for their student loan repayment. That said, you need to have a full commitment in teaching because some of these programs require long-term commitment up to four years. If you fail to do so, the money will be added to your debt. Of course not all programs have such restraining requirements. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn all about the program before you agree to be in part of it.

  1. Get new job

Getting a correct career plan can also determine your ability to pay for the student loan. There are several jobs that are available for the loan forgiveness program, including nonprofit workers, public universities worker, law enforcement officers, social workers, teachers, government workers, etc. The loan forgiveness program means that the government will erase the student loan after 10 years of full time service.

  1. Join armed forces

Last but not least, if you find yourself in a tough financial condition you may want to join the armed forces of United States. There are numerous programs that offer benefits for the military, including loan repayment or loan forgiveness programs.

I think that is all for now. We hope now you know that there are other options available other than the government grants for student loan repayment, so don’t give up!


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