5 Reasons Why You Must Donate Old Cell Phones

Donate Old Cell Phones – Technology is always changing. If you go to a market nearest you, you can find that there is always a new phone every day. Each day on this earth, you can find people purchasing a new phone. Do you ever think where they keep their old one?

Just a little note for you, cell phones are constructed from precious metals, plastics as well and copper. They are recyclable to new products. In the U.S., the government recycled about 14 million of cell phones in 2017. Well, U.S. only. While the EPA estimated that the recycled cell phones were only 10%. To support recycling your old phone easily, most cell phones provide drop-off bins as well as mail-in programs. But, basically, you still have many ways and reasons why you must recycle your phone or give it to others.


Recommended Ways To Donate Old Cell Phones

It is true that many charities are available and they have a great cooperation with cell phone refurbishers as well as recyclers. Your support helps those generating funds so they can keep phones out of landfills, a win win solution. So, where you can donate your old cell phones? Why it is important to donate them?

  1. By donating your old cell phones, you basically helped soldiers to call home.

Cell Phones for Soldiers offers talk time to overseas troops in case they want to call home. This organization works to collect old phones and they will send it to ReCellular in order to make the used phones is valuable to sell or recycle. If you donate one phone, it gives one hour of talk time for the soldiers.

You can make tax-deductible donation if you want to donate funds, cell phone, smartphone, tablet or even an old cell phone.

  1. By donating your old cell phones, you helped the victims of domestic violence.

This is the second most important reason why you have to donate your old cell phone, instead of keeping them in your drawer.

First, we have National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) works with Cellular Recycle in order to collect used cell phones as well as digital electronics.

Requirement: Your donation should be started with 3 item minimum.

They will refurbish your old cell phones and then sell them. The income will be used to support their program to stop violence in the home.

Their purpose is to create nationwide cellular recycling program and this is will be valuable for the landfills. They have worked for three million of cell phones and more than one million of accessories. They also have Responsible Recycling certification given out by the EPA which means that you can trust the materials they have collected and recycled safely.

To get more information, you can email: ncadv_info@cellularrecycler.com.

They will only accept:

  • Any cell phone in any condition as well as their accessories. The most wanted is Samsung, iPhones and HTC, but if you have others, it doesn’t matter!
  • Laptops
  • Digital cameras
  • Mp3 players
  • Video game systems
  • Chargers, accessories, cords and others

Your donations are tax-deductible.

All electronics donations are tax deductible. If you have fewer than three items, you can mail to Cellular Recycler, Attn: NCADV, 4840 Sterling Drive, Unit A, Boulder, CO 80301.

They are recycling items to:

  • Fund programs to empower victims of domestic violence, connect survivors and victims for helpful resources and to make them free from abuse.
  • Support organization across US to work to stop any violence in the home and give resources.
  • Support any legislation in the name of cutting all domestic violence off.

You don’t have to clean or wipe any information from your old cell phones you want to donate. Those items will be refurbished and resold or recycled. It means that they will replace the software with the new one so it will completely wipes any information from your device. If it will be recycled, it means that the organization will crush them down for recycling.


NCADV’s Main Office

One Broadway, Suite B210

Denver, CO 80203

PhonePhone: (303) 839-1852

faxFax: (303) 831-9251

Email: mainoffice@ncadv.org

  1. Donating your old cell phones allow you to support planting a tree

As you know, world can’t change on its own. Plant Your Phone is the place for you to support your environment and wallet. Once you find your phone, it is worth a lot!

They help reducing large number of old cell phones end up in landfills. You only need to send your old cell phones freely by using their postage-paid self-mailer bags which are available in Chicago, San Francisco, Corvallis, New Orleans, Medford and certain cities. It is possible to print a free shipping label from their website or ask free self-mailer bag to be sent if you are not living in those cities.

If you can mail an average two-year old phone, you supported planting fifteen trees. If what you will send is a first generation of Apple iPhone that is still in a good condition, it is the same as planting 79 trees. They provide trees conversion table that you can see.

As others, they recycled the phones and they will sell the materials to fund tree planting such as Cocoa, Orange, Banana, Cedar, Teak and more trees to plant.

Their target is to plant seven billion trees.

  1. Donating old cell phones help Camp Daniel to support more people with or without disabilities.

Camp Daniel is an organization designed to provide people with or without disabilities to get personal, social and spiritual growth. They have summer camping program for people with disabilities so they have a special access to safe camping experiences. They provide many activities for dependent community of people with and without disabilities.

They have many ways to raise money to pay monthly ministry bills, one of them is accepting your donations of cell phones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, radar detectors and more. Your items will be purchased by other organizations or used in other countries. It doesn’t matter if your old cell phones are already broken.

  1. You can help a local organization

American Cell Phone supports you to find local organizations to refurbish or to recycle your cell phones. This is their way to raise funds. It is simple to donate. You have to type your zip code and you will get a list of organizations as well as drop-off locations. If there is no collection site around you, basically you can print of the shipping label and then send three or more phones to the headquarters.