Mizzou Financial Aid

Mizzou Financial Aid – There must be a solution for a situation. There must be a way out available for those who have willingness to find it and fight for it until the end. This might not apply to any situation, but this fighting mentality would work properly when you are trying to enter University of Missouri. As we all know, the education cost would go up every year and never show signs to go down. University of Missouri offers plenty options for those who are struggling to cope with the education expenses. Each of Mizzou financial aid offered will be awarded to those who are eligible and capable to fulfill all the requirements asked.

One from few Mizzou financial aid programs we can use to finance our study at University of Missouri, Federal Pell Grant has been a big help for many students. Federal Pell Grant gives chance to us to pursue higher education level by covering our educational expenses. The amount of money we can get from the program is based on our need. It means we would not receive more than we need, or less. Federal Pell Grant is only for undergraduate student, and it does not require to be paid back.


Mizzou Financial Aid Application

If you are interested in applying for one of Mizzou financial aid programs offered, then you should follow all the application process as well as fulfilling all the requirements asked.

How to be eligible of the Pell Grant:

  • Enrolled as student of University of Missouri
  • Showing proof of U.S citizenship or eligible non-citizenship (This would be useful when applying for FAFSA)
  • In need of fund source to continue study as University of Missouri’ student
  • Meet the financial requirements

How to apply Pell Grant:

For those who are interested in Pell Grant, filling out FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid is fundamental. Everything starts from here.

  1. As written earlier, the first step of the application process is filling out the FAFSA form. We may call this stage as the preliminary stage. We cannot fail this stage because this stage determines whether you are considered for federal financial aid or not. The application is free, and can be done online.
  2. Gather all the documents needed. Prepare your social security card, tax information, and other documents that might be related to the program.
  3. Create Federal Student Aid PIN.  You might be renewing the FAFSA every year, but you will use your old PIN. Thus, you should not forget your PIN.
  4. Fill out the application. Check if everything is in order prior to submitting FAFSA application.
  5. Wait for the SAR to come. Once you have submitted the FAFSA, there would be Student Aid Report sent to you in response of your FAFSA application. Usually it only takes few days for the response to come. If there is no response in few days after the submission, you can check your status online.
  6. If your application is granted, the next thing to do is claiming the Pell Grant money. It is best to follow the instruction, or let your school to process since the regulation may vary each school.

Mizzou financial Aid programs help students to ease the pain of paying the expensive education cost.


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