How Low-Income Families can Add Children Safety to Cars?

Car Crashes – The Leading Cause of Children Death

Car accidents are among the most common cause of death today. A number of families have lost their loved ones; among them, the most common deaths are young passengers. Kids and babies are fatal to motor vehicle injuries; if you do not have proper safety arrangements, then it could lead to death even.

According to car seat statistics, car crashes are the leading cause of children death of age 3-14 in the United States. In 2016, 723 children of 12 years age and younger died, and 128,000 got injured in car accidents in the United States. Of all the children who died in a car crash in 2016, 35 percent of them are not restrained.

Reports from Car Seat Statistic Show

  • From 2009-2010 data, it has been observed that 45% of Hispanic and 46% of black children are not buckled while driving. This data is lesser than 26% of white children who give kids safety a priority thing
  • In 2016, older children of age 8-12 years were not buckled up as compared to 33% of 4-7 years old and 21% of children under age 4 years of old.
  • One CDC study found that more than 618, 000 children of 0-12 age rode vehicles without any seat restrain, child safety seat, booster seat.
  • Of all the children died in 2016 road accident, 35% of them were not buckled.

Now, these statistics show the grave necessity of a children safety feature in your car. Add child safety accessories before it becomes too late to recover.


Children Safety Features for Your Car

To safeguard children from motor vehicle injuries, Medicaid provides free car seats. Low-income families and those having poor financial conditions or anyone in dire need of children safety car can utilize free car seat program from Medicaid.

Medicaid is a well-known medical program that helps limited or low-income people with medical expenses; it also offers free car seats for babies and young toddlers with the support of your state Department of Health. This program is important for eligible families, but it’s more important to attend the educational classes to learn how to install properly and then they can receive the seat. Similarly, you need to know how to get free car seats through Medicaid.

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About Medicaid

Medicaid is a program run by the government to help the poorest in America to get a better healthcare facility, at little or no cost. In the year 1956, under the dependent medical care act government agencies have created Medicare to provide medical care facility for military members and their families. In 1965, the government created a separate entity under the Social Security Amendments to provide healthcare facility to those with low income. This is the way Medicaid was formed, and it provides facilities for adults, disabled and children to various states.

Where the funding comes from?

Medicaid is a run both by federal and state government. This implies one thing that state government is free to exercise all rules and facilities and makes changes if required, taking into account the minimum guidelines of the federal government. The joint nature of Medicaid gives an idea about the funding resources of the program. It gets funds from state and federal government; the state can decide independently on how much money to be invested in the Medicaid program. According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the federal government takes care of every dollar spent on the program. They invest equally or even more from the state government.

Who are eligible for Medicaid?

If you are thinking about how to get free car seats through Medicaid, then it’s important to be eligible for the program. A person having a poor financial condition, physically disabled, pregnant, child or a senior citizen can apply for the Medicaid program. However, there are certain guidelines set by the federal government; the applicant should fall in the federal government poverty level. Medicaid makes it possible for low-income families to get free car seats for children.

Medicaid will help you pay for car sheets for your children. And, that’s really an awesome thing for many couples who are blessed with a baby. They have to buy so many things for the child, and a new car seat could be an additional affair. Medicaid provides coverage for that. Secondly, if the older baby seat does not fit exactly to the size of the growing baby, then you need to take help from Medicaid. Here you can get paid for new baby seats from the organization considering the safety of kids from car accidents.

Free Car Seat Programs other than Medicaid

Medicaid is completely into health, safety, and wellness of human beings. Similar to that, there are other governments and non-government organizations, trusts and more to offer free car seats for children. Some of the most common names are listed below –

  • Baby2baby
  • United Way Worldwide
  • WIC; Women, Infant and Children government organization
  • Everyday Miracles car seat program
  • The safe Kids World organization
  • New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution program
  • Ask insurance provider
  • OHSP car seat distribution
  • Seattle’s Children
  • Keep ‘Em Safe grant by County
  • Akron Children’s Hospital
  • And more….

These are some of the best resources if you are unable to find an answer to how to get free car seats through Medicaid. Go through all the details and information available on the website. Check for the background details and then apply only.

Bottom Line

Child Safety should be your primary concern while driving on the road, no matter what.  You can have a car seat of your preference to avoid any damages. Feel free to collect all information about the Medicaid program from the internet.