Financial Help for Moving Expenses

Financial Help for Moving Expenses – Moving can cost a lot, and that is a well-established fact. There are many reasons why people make the decision on leaving their current house. Sometimes it’s an exciting reason such as getting a new job in a new town, and sometimes it’s a less fun reason such as foreclosure or inability to pay monthly rent.

Financial assistance for moving expenses is possible, although it may be hard to obtain especially for families whose earning is more than the average median income of the local area. As you know, the government (and also other possible sources of financial aid such as foundations and nonprofit organizations) typically assists only those in need.

financial-assistance-for-moving-expenses Financial Help for Moving Expenses

Financial Help for Moving Expenses Programs

Below are some of the options available for people needing assistance for relocating from their old house:

Federal Aid

There are several programs available from the government for homeowners who are forced to move out from their place due to a natural disaster. The program’s name is the Federal Relocation Assistance Program. Aside of helping the cost of moving, the program also provides help for homeowners and business owners to find a new place to start over, along with covering the cost for safe deposit.

Other programs are aimed towards people who rent their housing. Through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); the government provides help for those who are at risk of becoming homeless through the HUD’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. The program will cover the costs that are related to relocation, including transportation and safe deposit money.

Employer-Based Programs

If you are moving from your old place due to working conditions, you may be qualified for assistance from your employer. It is a common practice for employers to provide some money as an allowance to cover the relocation cost. Although in most cases they can’t provide full coverage to cover all the expenses, the money can be used for covering the traveling cost and also the deposit money.

Good Neighbor Next Door Grant

There’s a very interesting grant coming from the Department ofHousing and Urban Development. In order to spread and encourage various essential professionals in the community, they provide a program called the Good Neighbor Next Door Grant. This grant is awarded to people serving their communities such as teachers, emergency medical technicians, law enforcement officers and firefighters who are committed to staying in designated areas or regions where their service is needed. Up to 50% of the house list price will be covered.

There are also some programs administered by the state government office that may be able to provide help for relocation. However, as we have mentioned earlier, the programs are designed to help low-income families, preventing homelessness. To learn about this option, it is advisable to contact your state’s Social Services Agency. Explain your condition and bring along some necessary documents that can prove that you need financial help for moving expenses.

I hope this post can help everyone out there who are struggling to move to a new place. Don’t forget to share comments!