Complete Guide on How to Get Donations for a Non Profit Organization

How to get donations for a non-profit organization. Finding people to give donations is getting more and more difficult every day in the midst of the many emerging non-profit organizations. We certainly need to do the fundraiser even though sometimes the journey is not easy. The survival of our organization depends on donations. Therefore,  the method we used to apply may need to be revised or replaced according to the times.

All you need to do to get more donations is to catch people’s attention in amid of an increasingly busy daily life.

Make sure you follow our advice on how to get donations for a non-profit organization to get more donations. Use various means and various channels. Get people’s attention in order for your non-profit organization’s fundraising campaign to succeed.



Donations for a Non-Profit Organization – Fundraising Preparation

Running a non-profit organization can be your passion. But, you also can’t always expect everything to be smooth if you don’t have any preparation. Before you start your fundraising, there are several preparations you need to do. For example, determining your needs, choosing the right language, using a method to track donations and donor information, and getting staff or volunteers to do fundraising.

Determining Your Needs

A very simple thing but the basis of your fundraising activity is to determine your needs. You must already have a plan for your fundraising needs. Then, from that plan, break down all the necessities needed to achieve the goals of your cause. From that need, you can find out how much money you need so you can set the goals of your fundraising.

Clarifying Your Needs

You already have a list of requirements for projects in your organization. Even if you already have a detailed record of everything you need, you have to explain those needs to potential donors so they understand. Try to use simple language so they don’t lose interest but still understand the main purpose of your fundraiser. This way will help you on how to get donations for a nonprofit organization.

Using the Tracking Method

It is very important to keep a record of all incoming fund information and keep track of your organization’s donor information. Decide on a method, a system that will make it easier for you to track donations and donor information.

Donations for a Non-Profit Organization – Getting Staff and Volunteers

In doing fundraising, of course, you can’t do it alone, you need several people to help you achieve your goals. There are two options for doing this, you can either hire staff or open vacancies for volunteers in your organization. It all depends on the needs of your organization as well as its financial condition.

Managing Legal Issues

Each country and region has different regulations regarding taxation, but here are the important things that you need to prepare according to the law.

Tax Deduction

People who donate to a non-profit organization will usually get a tax deduction. But not all charitable organizations meet these requirements, only if the non-profit organization is tax-free, then donors can get a tax deduction. To check whether a charitable organization is a tax-free organization, you can visit

Understand whether goods are given in return

Organizations sometimes give something in return to donors. In this case, the amount of tax that needs to be deducted is the result of the donor’s contribution which has been deducted by the gift or reward in return for the donation given. You must also make a statement about it so that the tax can be properly deducted.

Acknowledgment Letter

All donations you receive need to be recorded. This acknowledgment letter is important and is intended for tax purposes. This is also important if you want to build trust on how to get donations for a non-profit organization.

Registering Your Organization

Government regulations require charities to register their organizations. Most countries require organizations that request donations by mail, online or by telephone to register to the government. Check with your local law about this.

Looking for Legal Professionals

One cannot immediately understand all legal matters by studying them overnight. You can seek professional help regarding the laws that apply to non-profit organizations. The option is to contact a lawyer, financial officer, or accountant who specializes in the financial matters of non-profit organizations.

Donations for a Non-Profit Organization – Doing a Fundraising

Are you done with the preparations and resolve any legal issues that may arise in the future? This is the time to start raising funds for your non-profit organization. There are so many ways that you can do on how to get donations for a nonprofit, if a method is effective and suitable for your organization, do it consistently and continue to evaluate.

Fundraising Events

Holding a fundraising event sounds like something that requires a lot of preparation and costs a lot of money. The media always portrays fundraising events as glamourous fundraising parties. But there are also fundraisers that are less expensive, there are several options if you want to save money, such as a simple house party, setting up a booth at a shopping mall, a craft fair, or holding a restaurant fundraiser in collaboration with a local restaurant.

Donations for a Non-Profit Organization – Online Fundraising

Online fundraising has the same goals as general fundraising events. The process is also pretty much the same, such as communicating your needs, presenting an emotional story, and getting support from donors. The difference is, you cannot meet directly with your potential donors to build the relationship. Herein lies the challenge, you need a page that can build that relationship with potential donors.

Set up a donation web page and tell people to donate. On that page, think about the types of payments that make it easy for potential donors to donate, and also provide options for donation subscriptions, there are also payment sites that can facilitate the process of accepting donations such as PayPal.

Another option you can do is to combine online fundraising with social media or crowdfunding. If your organization has a large project, you can break it down into smaller pieces and use a crowdfunding website to raise short-term funds.

Fundraising Sports Events

Another creative way is to hold a sports competition. You can use the money from ticket sales for fundraising purposes. This way, people can also get pleasure from your fundraising activities.

Creating Content with Blogs or Vlogs

People love reading stories, so building a blog or vlog about your fundraising journey can keep people knowing more about your fundraising activities.

This is where you can keep the momentum going during your fundraising campaign. Write or make videos from various angles to attract the audience’s interest. The key is content that is real, engaging, and touching the hearts of potential donors.

Create an Email Campaign

Sending emails about your campaign can help donors understand more about your fundraising campaign. When sending emails, break up your audience based on their demographics. Based on the demographics you create, serve different emails by the group so that your email remains relevant to them.

Remember that the purpose of sending your email is to get donations, so include a donation link to make it easier for donors to make donations. Your email doesn’t always need to be about asking for donations, you can send an email about updates from your ongoing projects. Build relationships with your email subscribers. Send weekly emails about event progress and you can also send additional emails for people who have donated.

Conducting a Short Message Campaign for Your Non-Profit Organizations

The contact database owned by the organization can be used to send short messages for your fundraising campaign. You don’t need to send messages one by one, use a short message service that is specialized for donations such as .

Sending Mails to get Donations

Mails may sound old-fashioned and are getting abandoned a lot, but guess what, as fewer companies use mail to reach their customers, that means you have more chances of getting noticed by readers who receive your mail. Again, you don’t have to take care of it alone, there are mailing services that can make your job easier. All you need to do is create letter content that can motivate people to donate.

While mailing can be a bit more expensive, you can take advantage of it and get more donations. Postcards can also be a creative option with a more attractive appearance at a lower cost.

How to Get Donations for a Non-Profit Organization – Social Media

Almost everyone uses social media and uses it every day. We can’t just pass it up.

To raise donations using social media, create organic posts relevant to your fundraising campaign and build an audience base. Also if you need more people to view your social media pages, boost your posts with ads. Take a look at the insights from your posts and decide which ones have good audience engagement and use those posts to advertise.

There is also a donate button feature if you are using Facebook. To get the donate button at the top of your fundraising account page, you need to pay first to register your non-profit organization.

1. Using Your Network on LinkedIn

To increase donations you can use the network on LinkedIn. We can admit that LinkedIn is great for building networks and getting to know potential donors.

LinkedIn also provides a page on fundraising guides for making connections and finding donors. Visit the page to learn how you can use LinkedIn to raise donations.

2. Using Press Release

Media press releases can be very influential for a non-profit organization to get popularity. You can get your organization to get more attention from people through press releases.

Learn basic things about writing press releases. For example, writing using the inverted pyramid method and using a good standard press format.

Know how to get your press release out and determine when you can publish it and follow up on the responses. If you are not confident in your writing skills, you can ask for help from local journalists. This way helps you to cover your fundraising campaign.

3. Offers Digital and Media Incentives

To express our gratitude to donors, we can also provide incentives such as merchandise. Digital incentives in the form of merchandise sales are suitable for individual donors. While local companies or businesses are more interested in the publicity they can get from donating to non-profit organizations. So you can offer them media incentives when they are willing to donate.

4. Provide Donation Subscription Service

Automatic billing every month that is subscribed to donors is certainly very helpful for your fundraising revenue. This way you also don’t have to bother the donors every month to make donations.

Add a recurring donation option on your fundraising page. Prepare a simple form on your webpage and provide recurring donation options with different time intervals like weekly, monthly, quarterly, and so on.

To make things easier, use services like