Everything You Need To Know About Iowa Grants – 30 Community Foundations Inside Only To Save Your Life

Have you ever heard about Iowa grants? It is an organization for a charity that loads many foundations. Below is the list of the foundations that join this company. You can find the foundation which will helps your problem in financial. However, each foundation offers different service or the area fund interest.

Nonetheless, you do not need to worry if you cannot find the service according to your need. Most of the foundations offer the grantmaking for the education, health, art, environment, and human service. On the other hand, you will meet it special for women, youth, and the children. Therefore, use this change as well as possible to find out the best and the right foundation.


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30 Community Foundation Names in Iowa Grants

There are 32 names of Community Foundation that you can make it as your references. Let’s see and pay attention well. By the way, the names are:

1. Ahrens Foundation
The Ahrens Foundation changes the grant applicants into the no-profit organization. They seek support for specific projects in Iowa. The company will give the maximum consideration for the larger grant requests if the funds support the community. Besides that, it becomes the matching funds. www.ahrensfamilyfoundation.org

2. Andersen Corporate Foundation
Andersen Corporate Foundation focuses on Affordable Housing, Education & Youth Develo, and Health & Safety. Therefore, it has expanded its giving to the many communities. The company also provides the finest facilities and employees. Andersen gives it in Menomonie, Wisconsin; Des Moines, Iowa; Dubuque, Iowa; Page County, Virginia; North Brunswick, and the rest. www.andersencorporation.com/sustainability/community/andersen-corporate-foundation/

3. Clarinda Foundation
It is an organized from Clarinda that has existed since in 1982. The purpose is to nurture charitable giving, increases the quality of life, and introduce a sense of community. The applicants can get funding for health, recreation and the arts, education, scholarships. www.clarindafoundation.com

4. Community Foundation of Franklin County
As the name implies, this organization is in Franklin County, Northeast Iowa. As a charitable foundation, local affiliates, as well as non-profits, want a stronger and healthier community. Therefore, the interest areas of funding include Education, Environment Education, Arts & Culture, and Community Affairs. www.cfneia.org/Affiliates/FranklinCounty/Grants.aspx

5. Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
The purpose is to improve the quality of life in Greater Des Moines through philanthropy. A strategic grantmaking plan will maintain the Leadership Agenda. This foundation has committed to providing specific and best results by allocating large resources. These funding sources will later come from grantmaking and community programs. www.desmoinesfoundation.org

6. Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine
The amount of money in this community is unlimited. These funds are certain to improve the quality of life, strengthen families, promote youth activities, and meet community needs. Areas of funding interest are arts, culture, education, environment and animals, humanities, health, human services, and public benefits. www.muscatinecommunityfoundation.org

7. Community Foundation of Johnson County
The Community Foundation of Johnson County gives facilities where the function is to contribute to the specific organization. Then, its pools and manages endowment funds for local nonprofit organizations. Afterward, the community distributes funds to the benefits of the greater community good. Then, the fund can improve on schools, sheltering, health, green spaces, and inspiring. Communityfoundationofjohnsoncounty.org

8. Dekko Foundation
Dekko Foundation focuses on projects that support the development of children. It chooses them with the age birth through 18 years old. www.dekkofoundation.org

9. Elma Area Community Foundation
It is a local, non-profit, and charitable affiliate from Northeast Iowa. The mission is to build stronger, healthier communities in the Elma Area today, and in the future. Therefore, the areas of funding interest are Arts & Culture, Education, Environment Education and Protection, Community Affairs & Development, and Health. www.cfneia.org/Affiliates/ElmaArea

10. Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
It is a public charitable foundation which has more than 500 different funds. The community comes from individuals, families, nonprofit agencies and businesses where the goal is to benefit Linn County, Iowa. There are many opportunities for funding but it must be based on the type of project, organization age and size, and community need. www.gcrcf.org

11. Guernsey Charitable Foundation
The mission is to work with other partnerships to improve the vitality of our community. So, it focuses on a broad spectrum of needs. It is such as character education, enhancing family life, key social issues, and science. Additionally, the community wants to improve the community betterment, health and life skills, sports, fitness and the rest. www.guernseyfoundation.com

12. Harrah’s Foundation
The Harrah’s Foundation focuses on three categories. Firstly, it is about the Senior- community-based programs that enhance the lives of seniors. Secondly, the Education – community – enhances educational opportunities and resources for students. The third is about a Civic – broadly where it is vital to the success of each of our communities. www.harrahsfoundation.com

13. Humboldt County Community Foundation
It is a charitable public foundation in improving the quality of life in Humboldt County. The community starts with coordinating resources and supporting organizations. Furthermore, it starts to enhance arts and culture, community betterment, education, health, and human services. www.hccfb.org

14. Iowa Arts Council
The Iowa Arts Council wants to empower Iowa’s leaders to strengthen community life. The mission will come true through the arts. Hopefully, it will create healthy leadership which stimulates a healthy arts environment. www.iowaartscouncil.org

15. Iowa West Foundation
Improving life and strengthen communities for the next generations are the missions of Iowa West Foundation. The mission runs by providing leadership and creating partnerships. Furthermore, it also leverages resources and becomes the catalyst in identifying and supporting community needs. The organization moves on Community Development and Beautification, Economic Development, Education, Human and Social Needs.

16. Iowa Women’s Foundation
The mission is about the improvement of the lives of Iowa women and girls. It will realize it through the power of philanthropy, advocacy, and collaboration. The Foundation serves the girls and women in rural and urban communities. Even, the foundation does not see their social status. It does not matter they impoverished, incarcerated, institutionalized, lesbians, older women, physically or mentally challenged, single mothers, etc. www.iawf.org

17. Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation
The Foundation provides funding for many interest areas primarily for IAP. It includes education, arts, environment, and social programs. IAP is only for projects within Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. www.iapfoundation.org

18. Maquoketa Area Community Foundation
The mission of the Foundation is very broad ranging from managing to fund. Then, develop a quality of life and introduce a sense of community. This organization receives grants throughout the year and prioritizes projects that benefit people and their region. The Funding is focused on Fine Arts and Capital. www.dbqfoundation.org/community-foundation-jackson-county

19. Marion County Community Foundation
The Foundation supports creative and innovative programs. The charitable opportunities should enhance the quality of life in the county. www.mccfiowa.org

20. Miccio Foundation
Miccio Foundation support organizations and individuals that care to animal welfare. The range is not limited to private and governmental animal shelters. Even though, it reaches the humane societies, animal control agencies, local, rescue groups, volunteer foster organizations, and veterinarians. However, the foundation does not support the activities inconsistent with federal, ordinances, and state or local laws. Therefore, it reserves the right to a phone interview or a request. www.miccio.org

21. Peter Kiewit Foundation
Peter Kiewit Foundation includes the children and families, education, arts, health, community development, and human services. It funds programs, facilities, and capital projects. The Foundation does not interest funding requests for operational deficits and debt retirement. www.peterkiewitfoundation.org

22. PFund Foundation
PFund Foundation exists to advances social justice for LGBT communities in the Upper Midwest. www.pfundonline.org

23. Qwest Foundation
The Qwest Foundation enriches the lives of customers and the communities through community–based programs. It includes K–12 education and economic development. www.qwest.com/about/company/community

24. R.J. McElroy Trust
It assists non–profit, tax-exempt organizations, which provide educational benefit to deserving youth. The foundation serves the areas such as Allamakee, Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Chickasaw, Clayton, and Delaware. Nevertheless, you can also meet it in Dubuque, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Grundy, Howard, Hardin, Tama and Winneshiek, Iowa. www.mcelroytrust.org

25. Rockwell Collins – Iowa & National Focus
Rockwell Collins gives charitably to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and around the world. The priorities are in the education of arts and culture where it emphasizes youth development. www.rockwellcollins.com/about/community/charitable_giving

26. Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
The great majority of grants are for projects within, the state of Iowa and portions of Illinois. Absolutely, the Carver Trust supports scholarships, biomedical and scientific research, and the programs that support the educational and recreational needs of youth. www.carvertrust.org

27. Siouxland Community Foundation
Grants are for nonprofit organizations which give services vital to the quality of life in Siouxland. Organizations with a distance of the 50-mile radius of Sioux City, Iowa, can receive grants from the Community Foundation. www.siouxlandcommunityfoundation.org

28. South Central Iowa Community Foundation
Since 1993, the Central Iowa Community Foundation serves thousands of people to improve the quality of life. It serves them who live in Union Counties, Clarke, Decatur, Ringgold, and Lucas in South Central Iowa. www.scicf.org/

29. Story County Community Foundation
The mission is to foster private giving, improve the conditions, and strengthen service providers of the county. Areas of funding interest are Children Y Youth, Health, Mental Health, Education, Arts & Culture, Civic Involvement, and Human Services. www.storycountyfoundation.org

30. Waterville Community Fund
The Waterville Community Fund is a non-profit charitable affiliate from the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa. It established to build a stronger, healthier Waterville Community for today, and in the future. The foundation supports the donors with giving visionary leadership. Then, contributing to the grant is effective and personalized endowment building services. www.cfneia.org/Affiliates/Watervill

Well, those are the names of Community Foundation in Iowa Grants. You have read the description and definitely, you have held one for your life. So, do not think about your life too heavy. Let it flow and enjoy with everything you own.


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