How to Get Scholarship for Moms

Scholarship for Moms – There is no limit to pursue education, including for mothers or mothers to be. However, despite no lacks of motivation it’s certainly no easy task juggling parenting and educational commitment especially for mom with financial difficulty. For such a case the information to get scholarships for moms becomes really important to help supporting the dream of having a college degree, at least financially.

Makes no mistake, according to there are many institutions offering hundreds of scholarships for moms each year such as American Association of University Women Scholarship (AAUW), Hero’s Fund for Single Parents, Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship, Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation, Capture the Dream Single Parent Scholarship, Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs with each of them offering a helpful amount of scholarship package. However to find the one you’re eligible for and really cater your personal need some effort and time are needed. To help you navigate through the whole scholarships for moms hunting process we will provide you step by step instructions and tips based on information we gather from and


Here are the instructions to Get Scholarship for Moms

  1. The first step to find scholarship for moms is to visit  website and fill out the FAFSA form or the Free Application for Student Aid form. It’s a form provided by the USA government to classify scholarship applicants and help finding scholarships suitable to their need. After completing the form you will be able to apply for several grants and scholarships.
  2. Conduct a small research to look for scholarships and grants that cater to your personal need. Don’t restrict yourself to look for scholarships intended for mom because there are also other grants and scholarships you may also be eligible for based on your financial need, ethnicity, potential career, or other special condition.
  3. Try to contact financial aid administrators’ office at your college or school. Ask them for information on scholarships and grants or other financial support you may eligible for. Keep in touch and maintain a good relationship with the administrator, keep the door open for information and tips.
  4. Compile and review the materials that are required to apply for scholarship for moms into a portfolio. Makes sure you have all of the relevant document such as your personal biography, transcript, essays and tax information both in hard and soft copies. This portfolio will come in handy when you are applying for several grants and scholarships at once because most of them usually ask for similar document and information for the application process.
  5. According to, it’s best for you to apply for several scholarships and grants at once. The obvious benefit is that it will increase the chance of your application to be granted.
  6. Before submitting the application, don’t forget to review the information and document you submit to prevent any grammar or spelling error jeopardizing your scholarships application chance. Pay attention to the deadline, makes sure you submit the application early.


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