How To Raise Money For A Mission Trip?

Mission trips have been a vital part of life for many people around the globe. Sometime back, these were reserved for the “Career missionaries.” Today, the mission trips are short-term and generally do not include a lifetime commitment.

The length of these tries may range from that of a weekend to the inner city. But at the same time, the length can stretch up to four years in Honduras. Indeed, these mission trips can be incredibly personal journeys for all the people who undertake them. This blog will learn some of the most valuable tips to raise money for a mission trip.

Learn how to raise money for a mission trip

  • An impressive “Pick a Number Board” works charms!

You can create a large board with many different numbers written on it. It is personally in your hand to choose the number of digits to include (for instance, you can say it as 1-100). Make sure you present them on a board in a creative way to attract the audience. The idea is that people can “Pick a number “to donate for your mission trip.

  • Make use of a popular fundraising website.

Nowadays, crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways to raise money for a specific cause. It can be a personal cause or that of an organization. You can use the different fundraising websites because online donations are now gaining more speed than ever.

However, remember that setting up the fundraising website is just the beginning. You have to create compelling content so that people relate to your goal. Nobody will ever donate to your aim if they don’t know about your objectives. So, you have to donate your promotion page actively across most social media platforms.

  • Start and maintain a blog.

Indeed blogs are one of the best ways to promote your cause. Starting a blog will mean that you can readily share your mission trip ideas with the audience and see if they are ready to connect with you for a noble cause.

Use the technique of storytelling to the best. It will ensure that people connect with you through the emotional levels and also donate to your cause. Also, never forget to mention your official funding page to the blog page. This will reduce the complexity for the users to find you and search for the official donation page for your cause.

  • Partner well with the locals

Many local businesses are ready to support their community members. You can anytime take advantage of the businesses in your area. These places can include coffees shops, specialty shops, and more.

Plus, we suggest you visit the businesses in person, rather than telephonic conversation. A face-to-face talk is way better than a long telephonic conversation. It helps you gain the trust of the businesses instantly.

  • How about creating a themed cookbook?

How about researching the country you will be visiting for a mission trip? And then, you are all set to create a book of recipes for that specific country. This will give your community a taste of the destination and help you get donations.

You can also plan to organize a fun day cooking for all the featured recipes of that place. Also, ensure you follow a design to write down all the recipes so that it’s understandable for the audience.

  • Take the idea of “Going Green.”

One of the most popular fundraisers is the green fundraisers. Indeed Go Green is one of the most embracing ways to go green with your goal. Make use of technology to reach each donor and reduce the impact of negative environmental conditions. This will help you garner the people’s trust and thus will motivate them to be a passive part of your mission trip.

It can also be hassle-free offline addition to your online campaign. Make less use of cell phones as these are sometimes considered electronic wastes that you may not recycle.


A mission trip is something that may take you out of your comfort zone. Traveling abroad will give you a whole new insight into a new culture and tradition. Thus, the first step, fundraising, can be an extremely daunting task.

Thus, make use of the above-said tips to get donations for your mission trip in no time. Remember to be authentic to your goals, objectives, and reasons to share a positive vibe with your donors.