Give a Homeless Family a Gift of Good Cheer!

Christmas is here, and it is the best time to help homeless families near you. Many people could not afford accommodation when the rest of the world celebrates the season with fun and ecstasy. Consider, those unlucky souls, who have to spend their holidays without food and shelter.  For them, you can search for an ideal home in the city without facing many troubles. Yes, you heard it right!

Many hotels and charitable organization came forward to help the homeless families with a proper place to live and stay. The United Liberty County Council, Salvation Army USA, American Red Cross, National Council of YMCA USA are few names especially for anyone not blessed with a close, supportive family, or those physically separated from loved ones. They provide free hotel vouchers or 1 to the 3-night shelter. You can be a part of the program and avail emergency hotel or motel facility near you for vulnerable families. This could be the best Christmas gift for the family without a home in the USA.

Christmas celebration for homeless people

Here are few best methods to add cheers to Christmas celebration for homeless people.

Get Free Hotel Vouchers

Give them free hotel vouchers. There are hotels and motels that provide free accommodation vouchers for the homeless traveler and emergency shelter for needy ones. These vouchers are previously reserved for the homeless only and are provided once the person claims for seasonal, age-specific and situational benefits only. There are several terms and conditions to qualify for the program. If you wish to know how to get free hotel vouchers online, you need to take assistance from experts. Alternatively, the homeless person will find a place to stay.

Join Hotel Reward Programs

Hotels and motels offer free accommodation facility without any charges for the homeless. The special reward program is there to help the homeless person.

Take for example- Marriott hotel reward program invites travelers to earn points that can be exchanged later for free hotel stays or upgrades to your room. You can earn 5 to 10 dollar of points for every $1 that spend on Marriott hotel and at participating Ritz Carlton locations throughout the world. Similarly, the Wyndham provides free night stays with 15,000 points, Starwood Hotels, Choice Privileges are few of them that provides best reward program for loyal customers. If you can earn those points, then it is easy to transfer those points to the needy. You can help a homeless person or provide emergency shelter for a person without a roof on the head. This is the next big thing.

If you still have doubts like the previous question “how to get free hotel vouchers online”, then you can speak with hotels about the reward program directly, Read all the terms and condition to avoid unavoidable issues later.

Search for government assistance programs

Many government organization and non-profits are working deliberately to help the poor and homeless person. If you found a homeless person, you can find about prevention or emergency assistance programs in your area.

Government assistance programs work for health care, food, temporary shelter, permanent housing and several other aspects. In rural areas, the National Community Action Partnership provides emergency assistance through locally operated agencies. For teenagers who are thinking to run away from home or those who are already living on the streets, an organization named National Runaway Switchboard provides a confidential toll-free number for emergency help. If you homeless and need the medical facility, the Health Care for the Homeless Program run by government helps those people connect with the local hospitals and nursing home near them. These are some of the program run by the government; you can share information with needy people, along with rewards programs and how to get free hotel vouchers online.

Find a local shelter –

Homelessness is one of the major concerns in the USA. In 2017, over 553,000 Americans were homeless, around 40 million people struggled with hunger, and officially 40.6 million are counted below the poverty line.

The growing the economic condition made it difficult for the poor people to manage with accommodation cost. That is why, much non-profit organization such as Volunteers of America, The Salvation Army USA, HUD Exchange and several others are assisting homeless people. They have an emergency shelter, drop-in centres, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing to help the homeless person. You can find a local shelter or ask for emergency help from them.

Assist with Federal Assistance Programs to help with rent

Are you dealing with the difficult financial situation? Did your homeowner ask to evacuate the house? Or, are you currently homeless and unsure about what to do? For persons dealing with this kind of situation, the federal government has started my rent assistance programs which most of the people are unaware of.

If you are still searching for ways to help the homeless after knowing about how to get free hotel vouchers online, then look for the federal rental program run by The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program(HPRP). This program provides funds in urban and metropolitan areas for a homeless person. Several non-profit organization that works under the program are The Department of Housing and Urban Development, USDA Rural Development rental assistance information is from the National Council of State Housing Agencies, Rent & Housing Assistance for Veterans, Rental Assistance from Churches and others. Many of the homeless persons are unaware of these; you can share information and help them connect with the websites to know more.

The points mentioned above are the five best methods. You can find information about rewards programs, charitable trust, learn how to get free hotel vouchers online and share about federal homeless assistance programs.

Bottom Line

Give a homeless family a reason for smile and happiness in the holy month of Christmas. Make their celebrations merrier by giving them a shelter in the winters. Ask for grants and funds from the local organization. Nothing can be happier than helping the poor and needy in times when the whole world celebrates and welcomes the New Year.