Free Diapers For Low Income Families

Free Diapers For Low Income Families – Believe it or not, diapers can be one of the biggest expenses for low-income families. Here’s some math to consider: a newborn baby requires around 60 diapers in a week. A pack of diapers can cost about $15, which means that the cost of each diaper is around 30 cents. That means in a month you’ll be spending around $60 to $72 for diapers alone. That is a lot of money for people from low-income families.

To make things worse, diapers are not included in the government assistance for low-income families such as food stamps program and WIC. These programs support the expenses for infant formula, but not diapers. You also can’t rely on the Corporate Social Responsibility programs from the diaper companies, because as far as we know of, the company doesn’t distribute diapers to shelters. The most concerning thing is that the baby often has to spend a long time wearing dirty diapers, which is unhealthy for them. The idea of reusing and washing disposable diapers is also against the sanitary, so your baby may get sick.

Some might think of getting cloth diapers, but there are also some problems with that. First off, you need to wash the cloth diapers yourself, because Laundromats won’t allow you to. Another big problem is that the free or subsidized daycare centers only allow infants or children with disposable diapers. This will affect your job, school or other productive activities.

Free Diapers For Low Income Families

How to Get Free Diapers for Low Income Families

Since there’s no current help from the government, you have to rely on various organizations for free cloth diapers for low income families. Remember, most of these sources are nonprofit organizations that rely on donation and volunteer efforts; therefore they have a limit to how much they can help you with. If you are interested to provide assistance or donation, please visit their website under our reference section. Back to the topic, some of your options are:

National Diaper Banks Network (NDBN)

The NDBN is an organization that organizes diaper banks in the United States. Their website holds a directory of various diaper banks that distributes diapers to needy families in a respective area. That said, some banks are working together with local agencies to provide these free disposable diapers.

State or County-based Diaper Organizations

There are many county or state-based nonprofit organizations that specialize in providing diaper assistance for needy families. For example, the Columbus Diaper Coalition is an organization located in Central Ohio that provides free diapers through food pantries and other partner agencies. Look for a similar organization near you!

Cloth Diapers Lending

We’ve said earlier that cloth diapers is not suitable for daycare, however, getting them for the night might be a good idea to save you some money. There’s a nonprofit organization called the Giving Diapers Giving Hope that lends free cloth diapers for needy families. However, it is very important to understand that you are responsible for the washing and maintenance of the diapers.

Last but not least, we sincerely hope that you find your free diapers for low income families.


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