Legitimate Grants for Single Mothers

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Legitimate Grants for Single Mothers

There are numerous women I know looking for several single mother legitimate grants. They are usually divorced and they have to support their children by themselves. It has never been easy to become a single mother because typically they always struggle financially. According to recent statistics, most of the single mothers –especially the younger ones– have to live with minimum wage. Some even unable to find jobs at all. As much as 8 out of 10 single mothers in the United States are living below the poverty levels.

Recent condition of the US economy is making everything worse. As you know, many single moms rely on charity programs such as food banks etc. With the increase number of unemployed, there are more people lining up for free meals, making the already limited food stock becomes rapidly spent. Therefore, it is only natural that the government and other organization to provide legitimate financial aid for single moms.

Legitimate Government Grants for Single Mothers

Legitimate Government Grants for Single Mothers


Grants are commonly provided on a need-based. The US government does have some grant program, but most of them are given in the education field. Government wants to help the single mothers and other financially needy people to get out of their misery through education; hence the Pell Grant is born. This grant is a key to other education grant, so if you’re going to college, you should fill your FAFSA and get them all so you can afford paying the tuition fees etc.

Basic Needs

Although it is true that there’s hardly any grants awarded for individual purposes, there are still supporting programs that can help you and your children. I am sure most of you have heard about the national program that covers the basic needs, including Food Stamps, WIC program and Children and Families Service. All three are administered by the State’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Shelters are available for those experiencing abusive behavior of their partner. Typically there are safe houses program that can be used as a temporary place to stay for victims of abusive relationship. Womenshelters.org is a great place to start looking for one of these shelters.

Financial Assistance

There’s a government legitimate grant program for single parents named the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). This program can provide monthly stipend that can be used for basic needs that are not covered by other government program. However, please do remember that the TANF is NOT a salary. It’s a temporary financial aid that has some limitations (including how long you will be able to receive it).

Other grants are available through various foundations and organizations. For example, the PeaChic Grant is a program that is given for single moms with good business idea or has a running business. The grant is used to expand the business. There’s also The Rockefeller Family Fund grant that is given to working single moms who have children in school.

Even with these single moms legitimate grants, your life is still going to be a struggle. However, there’s a better chance to get a bright future in advance, so don’t give up!


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