How to get Government Grants for Convicted Felons

Every man deserves a second chance to redeem themselves, moreover if the man has already served his/her time to pay for their mistake. That is the main reason of why there should be government grants for convicted felons or ex convicts. If you think this is just too good to be true, of why the government bother to give a second chance for ex-convicts, here we will give you the legislation that support the provision of government grants for convicted felons or ex convict:

  • The first is the Faith-based Initiative in 2001: this legislation act enables the federal money to be accessed by non-profit organization, private individuals as well as faith-based organizations. Some non-profit and faith-based organization uses this government money to address the need of ex-convicts apart of their human rights.

Government Grants for Convicted Felons1 How to get Government Grants for Convicted Felons

  • The prisoner re-entry initiative in 2004: In order to help the ex-convict to “re-enter” the community and rebuild urban communities the government provides at least $300 million over a four year period. The money is provided for social-related funding such as: counseling, job mentoring and placement as well as other social services.
  • The second chance act in 2008. Thanks to a collaborative effort from civil rights group, prison advocacy groups, law enforcement and religious organization this act is enacted to provide 326 million of to help ex-convict to re-enter the community. The funding is use for housing aid, substance abuse, jobs and medical assistance.

By considering the act that supports the provision of grants for ex-convicts we can gather some important point about the grant. Firstly with such high amount of money provided by the government there will be abundant programs to help the ex-convicts. It’s recorded that in 2010 there were 24,000 state programs, 20,000 scholarships, 1000 federal programs and 30,000 private foundations for that purpose. Secondly the purpose for the grant provision mostly related to aid the convicts to re-enter the community smoothly as part of their human right after serve their time at the jail. Third, the government grant for convicted felons is usually given through non-profit and faith-based organizations so you know where to look for it.

 Government Grants for Convicted Felons2 How to get Government Grants for Convicted Felons

If you are interested in finding more information about the government grants for convicted felons you can follow our tips and steps to get it:

  • First thing you should do is to look up in the internet for sites that give valid information about the issue. Some trusty website for the government grants for convicted felons are: The department of justice/ re-entry program and the national resource center. These two sites are official government sites that give valid information as well as resources to guide you to get the grant.
  • You can also visit for a site that focusing more on the aid to help convicted felons to re-enter their community.
  • Besides the internet you can also use various medium to guide you during the grant searching process, such as by using books. We recommend you to read a book by Alex Carter-Black “Getting Grants: The Complete Manual of Proposal Development and Administration”.


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