Grants for Disabled Writers

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Grants for Disabled Writers

Grants for Disabled Writers – Writing is one of the best ways to channel your emotion and thoughts, and it can also be a great career options especially for people who are disabled. Unfortunately, being a writer usually doesn’t come with health insurance, pension money, etc. That being said, there are still some kind of financial aid for disabled writers available in the United States. This post will focus on that and hopefully this will help answering your questions about the financial assistance:

financial-help-for-disabled-writers Grants for Disabled Writers

Grants for Disabled Writers Options

Local Opportunities

The first step of searching disabled writers’ financial aid would be in your local area, whether it is your town, region or state. You can contact your town’s art council or your state’s arts agencies. If you do not know the address, we highly recommend you to look for such information at the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies.

John Anson Kittredge Educational Fund

If you’re looking for grants that can help you with your project, you may apply for the John Anson Kittredge Educational Fund. This fund allocates grants in various amounts, depending on your need. Send your application letter that explain your purpose, period of funding, the needed amount of money and also required documentation that can prove your point to them. The grant awardees will receive somewhere between $1,000 to $10,000.

Artist Trust

The Artist Trust foundation offers the Carnegie Fund for Authors, a program dedicated to provide emergency financial assistance for writers who have published at least one successful book, including the disabled writers. The financial assistance comes in the form of one-time grant that can be managed for various purposes; but mainly they are used to help covering the cost of medical treatment, since only injured or ill writers (and also their spouse or dependent children) are eligible for the grant.

American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA)

Standing as one of the biggest organization consisted of freelance, non-fiction writers, the American Society of Journalists and Authors can be your option in finding disabled writers’ grants. Their Writers’ Emergency Assistance Fund is assigned to help disabled writers that need temporary financial help. However, it’s need to remember that the money given should not be used to fund your project. Although you don’t have to be an ASJA member to apply for the grant, you do need to prove that you have published approved publication over the years.

PEN Writers Fund

Aside of providing list of organization that can help fellow writers (legal aid, financial relief, etc), there are both grants and loans available from PEN Writers Fund. Eligible writers will be able to receive up to $2,000 in the form of grants or loans. To be eligible, you should be able to prove your confirmed publications over the years. Needless to say, writers that write vanity press also self-published publications are not eligible.

These are some examples of opportunities for grants for disabled writers. I hope that help!



  1. EdwardJamesPolites

    March 4, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Yes,…I am crippled,and need a walker or cane to walk.I write short stories of sci/fi & fantasy,with the loving grace and inspiration that God affords me.I have had a contract with Tate Publishing Enterprises for three books encompassing my 27 short story collection, but that company folded,…just like those dinosaurs of old,…but alas…I have presented two of my cherished stories to a very popular Hollywood Movie Director whom has acclaimed them simply marvelous for the big screen should I be able to scrape up the necessary $12,000.00 for the development of a screenplay to make those short stories stretch an hour and a half or so for the big screen. I am on SSI and have no monetary connections.I would like to in a year or so, be able to be charitable as I was told that one movie alone could generate for me,…multi millions.I am 68 years old, and really don’t need much money in my old age. Where in heavens name, can I turn for support???!?Thankyou, Eddie Citizen.

  2. EddieCitizen

    March 19, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    DearGood People,….I am quite disabled and unable to walk even with the much needed help of my walker and cane,…am on SSI, federal welfare,…but do make good with my spare time.You see, I write short stories of sci\fi&fantasy.To make a long story short,…I’ve presented two of my stories to famed Hollywood director, David Sheldon, who works alongside Lauren Becaull, reading many stories sent in by people like me.He liked my two stories and acclaimed me a ‘ marvelous story taker and said that he would readily vouche for the marketability of my tales.I haven’t even shown him yet my other 26 short stories, though I mean to. He can be reached at; Hollywood [email protected]..!!I am quite anxious to receive some sort of help to get them at Hollywood Writers Studio, to receive the very necessary$12,000.00…in order to produce a screenplay to transform a one half hour story into a one and a half hour show, ideal for the big screen!!!I was told by David Sheldon,…that it is quite possible for JUST one story to generate for me: multi millions in currency.I’m 68, and in ño shape to paint the town red but,,.contrarywise would like to do a lot of particular charity work. Thankyou….oh so much for being there!!!

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