How To Get Free Christmas Trees For Low Income Families

We are getting closer to Christmas at this time. Many of us are rushing into stores to get a lot of decorations and gifts for the holiday. If you have a financial issue to purchase Christmas trees, there are some possible ways to get free Christmas trees for low income families.

Well, it is quite easy to get a free Christmas tree. It is the same as to get a free turkey for Thanksgiving. There are some programs from national and local to help you get it free.

Free Christmas Trees For Low Income Families

Free Christmas Trees For Low Income Families From Christmas Tree Project

Their mission is to give a fully decorated Christmas trees away for all families in need. The Christmas Tree Project, LLC has been available since 2010. The organization has been giving away more than 1,300 trees in the past four years.

Even though this organization is in Colorado Springs, they are still working on other areas such as Denver, coast-to-coast and to families over the US. They even provided a tree in Nairobi!

You can even be the volunteers if you want to help. They need real and artificial trees, decorations, cash donations and other valuable things to decorate the trees.

To request a tree, the best way you to do is to email them at [email protected]. You should tell them about your situation as well as your phone number so you are eligible to get free Christmas trees for low income families. It is okay if you do not have access to email. You can take another way by calling them at 719-799-6070.

The Generosity Project

The Generosity Project is a Christmas tree giveaway party, presented by the Community West Church at Henrico County, Va. Back in 2016, they gave away 200 Christmas trees on a first come freely. The tree giveaway is not only for low-income families but for everyone. They do not require any requirements. The party started from 9 a.m.

This party is like their tradition. Therefore, they are going to keep it even for the next Christmas. They provide a ticket for a family to enjoy the party while waiting for the free tree. If you cannot get a ticket, you are still invited to stay and able to enjoy the party.

We recommend your families to arrive at the church at 8:30 a.m. to get a ticket for the free tree. They will start the tree giveaway at 9 a.m.

You can go to the giveaway at the Community West Church, at 2340 Pump Road in Henrico County. It can be the right option for those who need free Christmas trees for low income families.

Christmas Spirit Foundation

Another way to get free Christmas trees for low income families is to be the member of a military family. Christmas Spirit Foundation is available as an organization that provides free and live Christmas trees for all military families as well as active-duty military members. It is a small way for the organization to say thanks to a military family. Therefore, you should live on a military base along with your family if you want to get the free Christmas tree.

The organization will provide a list that you can check whether your installation is getting the trees. If it does, you have to check Facebook, for example, as your base’s communication channel. If there is no information you can found, you can contact the service center or call the organization at 800-965-1653.

In addition, this organization has no regulation that you should have a family or in to get the free tree. They will deliver trees in the worldwide to troops within or without family. They are also available to support anyone who wants to donate to help the project.

Find Free Christmas Tree Program Locally

Find Free Christmas Tree Program Locally

If you could not find any help from national and international Christmas tree programs, there are some local programs available to help you find a free Christmas tree in the holiday season. Therefore, you should try hard to get any information about your area. There are many local organizations available with a similar program to The Generosity Project to help you about finding a free tree, decorating Christmas tree, as well as other holiday items. Make sure that you always have local newspapers.

A Fourth Grader

Do you have a fourth-grader at home? If you are living as low-income families with a fourth-grader at home and you need a Christmas tree, then it is possible for you to get the free Christmas tree through Every Kid in the Park Initiative. This program is available until the Christmas Eve. They will giveaway a free Christmas tree. The tree is from one of the 17 national parks in U.S. Forest Service’s Eastern Region.

To get the free Christmas tree, the fourth grade will receive a voucher as the permission. By using this voucher, participants will be informed about the trees they can cut and where they can harvest the trees.

Christmas Tree Santas

They give away the Christmas trees to the low family to spread hope and joy. Christmas Tree Santas is a  non-profit organization, recognized as 501C3 non-profit to help others during Christmas. They are from friends and neighbors come together annually. Their donations are tax-deductible, for sure.

You can visit their page and complete the form of the contact section to get in touch with the organization. However, they only reserve trees for their clients of their partner agencies. They cannot respond to any individual tree request.

So, those are all the list of organizations and programs where you may get a help on how to get free Christmas trees if you think that you cannot purchase it. We recommend you to get more information around your area to make sure that you do not miss any single events that provide the free Christmas trees for a family in need. Christmas is a hard time of year and if you qualify, you can get free Christmas trees for low income families for your holiday spirit. Therefore, you should keep yourself with all latest news and updates to get the opportunity. Another way you can do is to ask your friends, neighbors, and headman in our area.

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