Free Beds for Low Income Families

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Free Beds for Low Income Families

Free Beds for Low Income Families – A good place to rest is essential for a healthy lifestyle. However, for some people getting a bed seems impossible, especially when they have more important expenses such as for food and electricity. For some, beds might not be that expensive, but low-income families often struggle a lot just to be able to purchase a bed on their own.

Fortunately, there are several options for people and families from low-income families to be able to have the bed that they need. Some of these options may even allow them to have a bed for free.  Today we’re going to discuss on how to get free or cheap bed!

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Furniture Assistance for Low-Income Families

Good ol ways

Middle to high class societies in United States is used to redecoration, and during the process they often throw away good furniture (including bed) to make room for the new decoration. During this time, there are two possibilities: first, they would simply put the furniture or the bed on the road side, which will be taken by the city services. The second possibility is that they donate it to a non-profit agency to get tax return.Either way, it is a good idea to drive around in areas in which middle to high class societies are living on a bright day (usually Friday to Sunday).

Alternatively, you can also search online for free beds. You should get online and head to websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, and Kijiji. These websites typically facilitate sellers and buyers, employers and employees, etc; but they also have a free section, filled with various giveaways items. When you’re in luck you can find someone giving away beds too!

For all of these options, it is important to carry a copy of your social security number, as well as your proof of income. These documents might be asked by the donator.

Non Profit Organizations

Non-profits organization is also a good source for finding this kind of furniture. Some operates offline, and some have specific websites such as Freecycle or Freeshare. You can find various items there, which hopefully can be used for your family. Non-profit organizations that are widely known are Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. There are also organizations that focus on furniture such as the National Furniture Bank Association. Each of these organizations have branches and chapters in many cities in United States.

Usually they have regular programs that can help people in need. Many philanthropists and middle-class families gave their unused furniture to them, and they might be able to provide free or low cost bed for needy families. It’s a good idea to drive around or check your city for these organizations. Even though you don’t get the bed, there’s a big chance that you can get items that you need.

Your chance to get a free bed is slightly better when you contact local non-profit organizations. Many of these organizations are funded by the state government, as well as donators. Ask around and when you find one, ask them about the available program and the requirements needed so that you can enter the list of people to be helped.

In is also worth noting that there are other local help available from smaller organizations in your area such as churches or other religion-based organization. Although they may not have the fund to provide new bed furniture, they may be able to provide small grant or connect you to people that are willing to donate their mildly used bed for needy families.

I personally think that every family should have a warm and nice bed to sleep on. I sincerely hope that you can find free beds for needy families!